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Playing Catch-Up: My Thoughts on Patch 4.2

August 17, 2011

So, while I was on my WoW hiatus, I apparently missed a whole bunch of things. Including Patch 4.2. And my guild moving to a different server. Yeahhhhh.

Which means I have a helluva lot of catching up to do.

*Catches up*

All right! I have read the Patch Notes. And I have thoughts on them. *grins madly*

1. It is Named Rage of the Firelands
But is it a swelling raaaaaage? Because if it isn’t, then it should be.

2. Apparently Blizzard released a TON of information about it. And they want us to do our homework.
I really love how sort of flippant this statement is regarding the new patchy patch:

“If you want to know what’s what before traversing the new content and features, we encourage you to wade through all of the patch 4.2 information we’ve released . . . ”

I’m sure it isn’t MEANT to be flippant. But because I was hiding in The Bethie Cave of Things She Does That Don’t Involve WoW, I was absolutely NOT following any sort of WoW info, and therefore I’m reading this statement as flippant. Also, I think there’s something about the use of the phrase “wade through” that both acknowledges there is a lot of info and says to the reader “USE YOUR EYES AND READ, ASSHOLE.” I like that attitude, actually.

3. There is a Rage of the Firelands Trailer!
It is nearly four frakkin’ minutes long! That is INCREDIBLY long in my book. Also, I didn’t realize Aggra’s name is pronounced “AH-gra,” which only makes me think of au gratin potatoes. But that is neither here nor there. Oh, and also: apparently it IS a swelling rage. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Ok, another thing about this trailer. I’m constantly impressed with the trailers and cinematics Blizzard produces. I just wanted to put that out there.

4. We Can Roar!!!!!
All I can say is, it better be mighty-sounding.

5. Dungeon Journal
I think this sounds promising. And, actually, it sort of sounds like an Add-On I had at one point. [Poor Add-On makers . . . ] I know y’all have been using it for a bit, so, please, tell me your thoughts on it.

“Players are once again free to dance in combat (without causing graphic errors). . . . Fun has been unnerfed.” 

This is so West Side Story that I don’t even know what to do with myself. Just, AWESOME.

7. They Made Pally Healing Harder
I think I’m reading this correctly. I mean, it’s entirely possible that I’m not, but . . . I think I am.

  • Divine Light mana cost has been increased to 35% of base mana, up from 30%.
  • Flash of Light mana cost has been increased to 31% of base mana, up from 27%.
  • Holy Light mana cost has been increased to 12% of base mana, up from 10%

I’m sure this happened because pally healers had TOO MUCH POWER or something, but, as a pally healer I’m ok with that. Buuuut since I haven’t played in months and months, I won’t complain.

I cannot adequately describe my excitement for these things. So instead, imagine lots of squealing and bouncing. Because that is what I am doing.

9. Bye Bye Key Ring!
It’s not like I ever used you anyway, but I will still miss you.

10. Random, Awesomely Written Lines from the Patch 4.2 Notes

“Vanessa VanCleef (Heroic difficulty) now has a sweet, sweet voice to accompany her dialog.”

“The Reins of the Dark Phoenix, purchased from the Guild Vendor, has had its art improved. It’s now less transparent and indisputably more awesome.”

“D.E.H.T.A. has recently placed a great number of critters under their protection, especially rabbits and squirrels. Because of this, Flintlocke’s Woodchucker has been re-fitted to use wild chickens until an “agreement” can be reached.”

Sometimes, I really really like the Blizzard writers. They can be a funny bunch. I like that.

Alright, so those are my reactions to the Patch Notes! If there’s anything I didn’t react to, that I should have, or if there are things I NEED TO KNOW, tell me allll about it in comments.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 18, 2011 3:25 pm

    I don’t think the pally healing is that much harder to be honest! I still enjoy healing on mine, and the fact you can get epics with JPs now has made me venture into the heroics once again, and i’m having a lot of fun in them now I find them easier. Glad you found your way back to it, and enjoy the new content!

  2. August 31, 2011 4:05 pm

    I am right up there with you, just getting started again. My main concern is that I am now in a pirate guild. That is my only concern right now. I have matching pirate gear. I have a feeling this new wave of WoW is going to be veryyyy different…for me anyway! We shall struggle through getting back on track together!

  3. Theiel permalink
    May 18, 2012 11:24 am

    Aw… have you stopped playing/writing? It’s been almost a year D: I’ll admit, creepy as it may seem, that I’ve read your entire blog over the past few days, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. For one thing, it’s brought a little light into the dark, dank world of my Office Job, and for another thing it really took me back to when I first started playing 🙂 I too was first introduced to the game by my SO, and I too had no freakin clue what I was doing as I’d played maybe one other computer game in my entire life (and that was back in high school). 2.5 years later, though, and I’m downing heroic bosses with the best of them 😉 In spite of the fact that I’ve been playing for a while now, your posts have totally pointed out things that I never noticed in the game (like Lady Humps in the Uldum intro quest; I have a horrible case of altoholicism and have leveled 6 toons to 85, and I never noticed her name).

    I hope you come back! I mean, *pandas* are coming! If nothing else, surely you’re coming back for the pandas, right? ;P

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