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This Week in WoW

April 30, 2011

I don’t know if you guys heard about this, but this past Tuesday Blizzard introduced this patch thing that came with some new quests and dungeons and shit. Oh, you heard about that? Huh. Small world, right? (Please tell me that you can imagine the sarcasm dripping ever so seductively from my fingers as they type. I guess things dripping from fingers isn’t that seductive. Wait. Oh, just forget the whole bloody thing!)

Anyhow, Patch 4.1 came out, and there are new SHINY things for everyone to do/experience/see in Azeroth right now. Although at this point I’m sure y’all have already done it all and are like “Patch 4.1 is OLD HAT. Bring on the Firelands! *thunderclap*”

Unfortunately, I cannot bring you the Firelands (click the linky…it’s the best I can do) and therefore I will give you my sort-of cracked and silly thoughts on Patch 4.1-type things. And some other things.  *smiles mischeviously*


Alright! So on Tuesday I got home from work and downloaded the patchy-patch and headed down to STV to do the new quests. I don’t know why, but somehow I always forget that Blizzard enjoys torturing me. I should have put two and two together when I realized I was going to STV to quest, but I didn’t. I just flew down there and found the angry Gurubashi ghost-lady and as soon as she started accentuating her S’s (esses? I really don’t know how to spell letters phonetically. Except for the letter “h.” It’s spelled phonetically like this: aitch.) I remembered ‘Ah yes. Blizzard likes snakes.’ So here’s what I have to say to that: Fuck you and your snakes Blizzard. And your mutant bugs! *shakes fist* *eats Nutella* *calms self down* I guess the saving grace here is that I get to kill the snakes and mutant bugs. That does help. Alright, I’m sorry Blizzard. I rescind my eff-bombing you. Friends?


OH MY GIDDY GOD LOOK AT THE PANTHER CUB!!!!!!!! Blizzard, if you will give me the panther cub I will never cuss you ever ever ever ever ever again. Ever.


BLIZZARD!!!! You love me! And I love you back! *spins in circle* *kisses panther cub*


Alright, so after the grand acquisition of the panther cub, I ended up doing BH the next night with my guildy-guild. Other than receiving some really kick-ass healing pants, I learned from a guildie that you can travel to Wintergrasp and purchase a WINTERSPRING CUB. I figured that my new panther cub needed a little feline friend, so I set out to find the adorable little winterspring cub.

BTW, you have to go to Everlook to get it. I had never been to Everlook. TURNS OUT when you go inside a building in Everlook there is PENGUIN WALLPAPER. !!!!!!!!! Want. Want for my apartment. It would go very nicely with my inflatable moose head.

5. Winterspring Cub

Look at how cute and pretty she is!  OMG! I just realized that in my acquisition of the kitteh cubs, I now have a Ceiling Cat and a Basement Cat. Oh happy day!

ALRIGHT! Moving on!

6. Steampunk BUNNEH

So other than kittehs and penguin wallpaper, Everlook also have RABBOTS. I think I love Everlook.

7. Punk Rock Princess

Holy pop culture reference, Batman! This JUST MIGHT be the most obscure one that I’ve run across while playing this game. If you find yourself in the DK starting zone, you can find Siouxsie the Banshee over by where the skele-gryphons gryphotons hang out. She is awesome. If you are sitting there thinking, “Bethany, WTF are you talking about right now?” then PROCEED to the video below. It’s worth your while.

So that was my week in WoW! What was YOURS like, hmmmm?

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