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Bristowe’s Sartorial Situation

February 26, 2011

Hey there! So, it’s been a LONG WHILE since we last talked clothes, and I for one think it’s high time to discuss WoW fashion. This time, it’s going to be of the rogue sort.

Unlike my lovely pally, my roguey wears leather (yeahhh), which provides a whole new scheme of colors to peruse since leather is obviously easier to dye than mail and plate armor. (Obviously.) So with my rogue Bristowe, there comes a whole new fashion experience that is at times appalling and at others, kind of awesome.

Check out what I mean (and what I think I might wear to Blizzcon!) after the jump.



The Banana

Yep. It was fate for pretty miss Bristowe to dress in ALL FREAKING YELLOW at the same time, and not in the Kill Bill kind of way. I think this is the WoW equivalent to those times in middle school when I thought it was en vogue to wear brown corduroy overalls with an orange turtleneck and Doc Martins while I accessorized with a Tamagotchi. Let me clear this up: That outfit (and the one above) NOT okay.

The Clown

While this is better than the monochromatic monstrosity above, it isn’t much better. But at least it shows maturity and confidence in mixing colors. Although, it must be said that the vest does accentuate the, um, chest quite nicely, huh?

The Man-Eater

Well, helloooo Bristowe! In this transformation, she’s gone from awkward, possibly colorblind girl to I’ll-kill-you-in-ten-seconds-and-look-hot-while-doing-it sexy badass. [Btw, this is the one I would consider wearing to Blizzcon. However, I honestly don’t know if I have the self-confidence to wear such an outfit! Mostly because the words I would use to describe myself are neither “sexy” nor “badass.”More like…”layered” and “witty”] I want her to wear this forever.

The Almost Doesn’t Count

Back sliding, much? I can deal with the shoulders-as-fashion-statement business, the green chest piece, and even the weird colored shoes and blue gloves, but those pants?! They are gauchos–and yes, I did wear gauchos freshman year of college because I decided it was better to be comfy than look good…I have since decided it’s better to feel comfy AND look good. (That basically means I wear a lot of leggings. And perhaps I have a pair of jeggings. Shut up.) Moral of this story–we are almost there. This could be an okay, but not as good as the last one kind of outfit (which is okay because not every outfit can be THAT GOOD.) if it weren’t for those damn pants.

So there you have it folks! As soon as Bristowe gets out of those damn gauchos, I will post an updated picture that will probably be accompanied by a video of fireworks or an adorable Samoyed puppy or something.

Let me know which is your favorite look in comments, and if you are in the know, talk to me about Blizzcon fashion. I am very curious about this.

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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    February 27, 2011 12:27 pm


    I remember the day when all my armor matched! I was soooooo proud of myself! The day my armor matched (I was all purple), I cut and dyed my hair to match (in game).

    Perhaps this is why I like Rift…the armor matches pretty well and damn, I have pretty, pretty characters.

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