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I Love Gilneas.

February 21, 2011

I feel like I talk a lot about zones and areas I have an intense distaste for, but rarely do I talk about places that I hella-like. So let’s talk about Gilneas!

This just might be my favorite–it has that foggy London, Dickensian/Holmesian feel and everyone wears top hats (including me!).I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of place, with or without werewolves. Actually, the first time I saw Gilneas and realized the werewolfy zone was uber-British, I giggled with joy and remembered why I want to play pop culture trivia with the WoW writers.

It’s just so charming! Not that a changing, war-filled area is typically charming, but you know, the Britishness and 19th century feel of it all is super charming. (I’m a bit of an Anglophile if you couldn’t tell…) Okay, so other charming things in Gilneas!

You get to go on a crazed carriage ride, which is exactly the way that I like my carriage rides.

There’s art that is a definite nod to the Hudson River School.

There’s a  collection of art on one wall that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE together…which obviously means that I dig it.

And perhaps the best thing about Gilneas? SYLVANAS COMES TO PLAY!

Okay, so she comes to attack, and I’m a giant traitor for being obsessed with her instead of hating her, but so what? Sure I hid in a baptismal and “spied” on her conversation, but did I actually listen? Absolutely not. I took discrete and creepy pictures of her instead.

Sadly, Sylvanas does not feel the same way about me and mine, so she brought some sort of plague with her and infected my lovely, charming, perfectly lugubrious Gilneas and forced us to make friends with the night elves and go live with them in Darnassas, which just so happens to be one of my other favorite zones. Soooo thanks Lady Syl!

So yeah! Gilneas was awesome. And I will miss it. But at least now I get to hang out in the prettiest zone! 🙂

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