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Of Love & Warcraft: How to Convince a Gamer Girl to Play WoW

January 20, 2011

Hi friends and welcome to the second installment of Of Love & Warcraft, a column in which I give you tips on how to woo the woman of your dreams and convince her to play WoW.

Impossible you say? I am living proof that it can be done.

In the last post, I gave you some tips on how to get a girl who does not play WoW to a) be interested in you and b) play WoW. Now, I understand that not all of you are in that sort of situation–perhaps your crush is already gamer, but not necessarily a gamer who plays WoW. Let’s say she is opposed to playing WoW for whatever reason and you are still interested in her despite the flaw.

How do you reconcile your desire to have a girlfriend who plays/loves WoW with the desire to be with the woman that you are hardcore crushin’ on?

You make her fall madly in love with you and then convince her to play WoW of course. It’s both easier and harder than you think.

Before we begin, I’m going to assume that you read my last post in which I advise that you talk to the girl and get to know her before insisting that she play WoW. You can review those steps by clicking here.

1. Relate WoW to games she already likes
Alright, so after you have established a friendship with this lucky lady, you can ask her if she’d like to play WoW. She may say no, and you’ll be okay with that. (Because if you aren’t, she will not be into you.) And why will you be okay with that? Because of the fact that no matter what kinds of games she likes to play, you can find a way to relate it to WoW.

Let’s say she really likes angry, violent games where you shoot zombies or hookers or faceless snipers. Well, she’s in luck because WoW has zombies AND hookers (well, Alexstrasza and succubi) AND faceless snipers (Deathwing…hahaha.) Or maybe she likes The Sims or Second Life because of the whole you can create a new identity and control everything in your virtual environment aspect–in WoW you create your own character who has his/her own professions and goals and achievements that you control. (I admit, that’s a bit of a stretch. You can come up with better than that.)

So find out what it is she likes a whole bunch, and when there is an appropriate time to bring up WoW, relate it back to games she already likes. What do I mean by appropriate time? Any time you are casually talking about video games, UNLESS it’s a natural progression or tie-in to your point.

For example: let’s say y’all are talking about Harry Potter. Don’t be like “Oh, you like magic? WORLD OF WARCRAFT HAS MAGES AND THEY DO MAGIC.” Instead, listen to her talk about why she loves HP so much (the answer is because she is a sensical person) and the aspects of HP she likes the most. Maybe that aspect is the idea of flying–she loves the descriptions in the book of looking down at the landscape rushing past or the scenes in the movies where Harry & Co. are flying around on gryphons because gryphons are the coolest mythical creatures ever. DING DING DING, tie in!! Tell her about the gryphon mounts in WoW and how great the graphics look when you’re flying. Then ask if she’d like to see it. (She’ll probably say yes because she’s nice and is your friend. But if she says no, accept that and don’t give up!)

I have no idea why, but Stock Images of people gaming are only of white people. It's kind of annoying.

2. Game with her
Bottom line: if you do things that she likes to do, she will be more willing to do things you like to do. (FYI: This is a rule that extends to a whole lot of things outside of gaming. If you get what I mean.) So even if you loathe the game she loves to play, play it with her anyway. And try to have some fun while doing it. Then, the next time y’all are hanging out and find yourself with not a whole lot to do, suggest that you play WoW together.

BUT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES say “Yo, I played [insert game here] with you the other day and now you owe me.” Unless you’re one of those rare people who can pull that statement off with so much charm and wit that she won’t care.

Apparently the "white people only" stock image rule applies to coffee shops as well.

3. Remember that she has a life outside of gaming
Alright, just because your crush likes to game, it probably isn’t the ONLY thing she likes to do. Find out what else she likes to do and be willing to take her to do those things or participate in those activities with her. Unless it’s, you know, illegal or totally against your moral code. Word to the wise: if that’s the case, you should probs run away from her.

Anyway, by showing her that you want to know about the things she likes that you don’t necessarily have in common, you’re proving that you like her and not the fact that she games. I know that sounds silly, but it’s an important distinction. (Side note: if you only like the fact that she games and you don’t like her very much, then, you should find someone else that you actually like and then try to get her to play WoW.) If you can prove to her that you like all aspects of her and not just the gamer girl aspect, she’ll be more open to giving things you like to do a shot. Including play WoW.

4. Be patient, but persistent
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–be patient. She probably won’t be willing to give WoW a chance immediately if she’s been opposed to playing it prior to meeting you. But don’t give up or get discouraged. Ask every so often if she’d like to play, or devise a way for her to see you play to try and peak her interest. Keep asking until she gives in. It may take awhile, but if you show her that you are actually interested in being her friend (and eventual more-than-friend), she’ll cave. Promise.

Alright! If this doesn’t cover all the bases, or if you have any further questions on this topic, feel free to ask ( or @WoWsororitygirl on Twitter.)

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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    January 21, 2011 10:23 pm

    Excellent Post Bethany! (and new font!)

    Patience is important when getting anyone to play WoW. No one likes to be hounded to play a game, especially a love interest. They may tell you to just take a hike.

    (and remember…there are plenty of zombies in WoW that you can kill. Think Undead Starting area!)

  2. January 27, 2011 2:14 pm

    Death to the Undead! … Or, yea, that works.

    Great post, made me laugh quite a bit, yet, was very informative as well! I shall store it away in that filing cabinet in my head. Now… where did I put the key to that thing…

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