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It’s A Nice Day For A Dwarf Wedding

January 18, 2011

I am one of those people who really likes quest chains. I like the intrigue and mystery and romance of a good chase. And while the most recent  quest chains I completed didn’t quite give me the intrigue and mystery I normally find, it did give me a hell of a lot of romance. Well, as much romance as dwarves can muster.

In fact, this particular chain quest is one that probably makes most WoWers roll their eyes in disgust. I bet a whole slew of you skipped all of it! You see, this chain quest is all about WEDDING PLANNING! *trumpets sound*

Oh, c’mon! Don’t act like this surprises you. I’m a girl. From the South. It’s in our DNA to like weddings and wedding planning.

So, you best believe that I took a whole bunch of screenshots while helping plan the dwarf shindig.

The Proposal

Alright, well, I’m pretty sure that neither I nor Elaelia would enjoy proposing to someone for someone else, buuuuut these are dwarves. But if I can make two people happy/unite the dwarf factions via marital bliss, then I suppose I will.

SHE SAID YES!!!!!! (And who cares about her reasons. Let’s plan a wedding!!!!)

So then I helped write an epic love song, gathered something borrowed, something brewed, something stolen, and something stewed (yes, I know.), and when I came back from gathering, the dwarfie village had been transformed!

It’s a little more pink than I thought it’d be, but, apparently Fanny likes pink. So, pink it is!

And now is when things get a little strange.

Wait, what?! Elaelia is escorting Fanny? So not only am I the one who did the matchmaking and proposing, but I’m also the maid of honor, the wedding planner, AND Fanny’s escort? Dwarves are lazy.

Awe, look at little emo Elaelia. Is it even possible for her to slump more? She just needs to lay down on a bench there and take a little nap during the ceremony since she was out gathering and stealing and stewing for the slave driver dwarves.

Awe. Those nuptials are actually really sweet. You know who doesn’t think so? Elaelia. Look at her staring down the minister instead of wiping tears of happiness away. *cough frigid bitch cough*

Well there’s a wedding surprise if I’ve ever seen one! Obviously, Elaelia wasn’t surprised. She was prepared to cut  a beasty priest. Best part? He kept casting a spell called “Wedding Crasher.”

So what have we learned today?

1) Lady dwarves like pink.

2) The WoW writers REALLY like Wedding Crashers.


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