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Bethany’s Last Minute Gift Guide for the WoW Inclined

December 21, 2010

So if any of you are like me, that means that you totally lost track of time and looked at the calendar today and thought “Holy shit! Christmas is THIS WEEKEND. I haven’t bought presents.” And you find yourself in this weird lurch where you can’t find the right present for the right person and you resign yourself to the fact that you have to find it online and it’ll just be a belated Christmas present.

Since I [deeply] understand your plight, I’ve decided to put together a fun little WoW-themed present buying guide. Some of it’s silly, some of it’s serious, and it’s all super-rad.Enjoy!

Computer Stuff

Customizable Mouse Pad — PrintWarcraft, start at $20.00

These mouse pads are really cool and kind of fun. And you know what’s more fun? To use it at work instead of using it at home. (I like having wacky stuff at my desk. It keeps me sane.)

[Recommended by @cupcakegel]

Steel Series Mouse — Amazon, $100.00

So, for those of you who actually use a mouse when you play, this one is probably awesome. Also, Amazon told me it is. And Amazon doesn’t lie.


Hearth Necklace— Etsy, $4.00

Head’s up boyfriends out there! This is an adorable little WoW twist on the whole “Home is where your heart is” adage. Give it to your significant other. (S)he will loooove it.

Bind on Equip Necklace–Etsy, $6.95

It’s just cute. And no one can steal it from you!

Green is the New Purple Tee — Penny Aracde, $12.99

I love that I know what this means!!!!

Murloc Pop Art Shirt — Hot Topic, $22.50

I super love this. Yay pop art. And yay murlocs?

Horde/Alliance Hoodies— Jinx, $65-$68



Hello, pricey-but-comfy-looking hoodies. I want to wear you.


WoW Cupcakes— Your local grocery, probs around $15.00

[Recipe from Snack or Die]

So, I really, really like to bake. And what I like about baking is that you get to create something for other people to enjoy. And I like that it’s cheap to bake. And also delicious. Sooo go forth and make cupcakes!

The Shattering — Amazon, $15.00

If there’s a WoW player in your life who hasn’t read this book, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Because books are happy. And give you knowledge. And free yo’ miiiiiind. Okay, I’m done.

Gryphon/Wind Rider Cub— Blizzard Store, $25.00

These are just so adorable and cuddly! And you get a little digital version of your stuffed animal so that your main can cuddle with it too.

[Recommended by @RayJ829]

WoW Cosmetic Bag — Amazon, $28.00

Yay for girlie gifts!!! How much fun are these cosmetic bags?! They are super fun. That’s how much.

Personalized Character Figurine— FigurePrints, $120.00

Alright, so if you looove your character, fancy-pants website FigurePrints will build a 3-D model of it for a cool $120 and send it to you. And it can stare at you while you play. OR it could stare at your co-workers and freak them out at work. 😉

Alright, those are my picks! Feel free to add to this list in comments! Merry Christmas!

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  1. December 21, 2010 12:23 pm

    2 more to add:

    The collectible WoW figurines:

    These are the listings on Amazon but you can find them in person at both Hot Topic and Spencer’s at your local mall. We got the male Draenai Paladin one for my brother-in-law last year – he loved it and added it to his video game figurine collection =)

    And the 2011 WoW Trivia Desktop Calendar is on mine and hubby’s list this year:

    I got a WoW desktop calendar a few years ago (around the time Burning Crusade came out) and it was alright and fun seeing old Vanilla items again and reminiscing, but the neat thing about this year’s desktop calendar is the trivia questions! There’s a few on the back of the box that hubby and I had fun answering and there’s a new WoW-related trivia question everyday! LOVE IT!

    This one, in addition to finding it online, can also be found at Borders, Barnes and Noble and any of the seasonal calendar shops/booths at your local mall =)

  2. ladyerinia permalink
    December 22, 2010 6:20 am

    I have the plushies. Yes, I have both of them. And I may or may not snuggle with them. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND SOFT!

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