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My Ridiculously Over-Excited Reactions to Reading About Winter Veil

December 15, 2010

If you are a reader who is attuned to context clues , what you may have picked up on is that I really, really love Christmas and Christmas-y things. If you have not picked up on that, don’t feel bad. *pats careless reader on head*( 😉 )

And because I love Christmas so, it’s no surprise that I have been patiently waiting for Winter Veil and all of the Christmas-y goodness it will no doubt bring with it. In preparation, (Yes, I am actually preparing for this one) I checked out the WoW Insider Guide to Winter Veil and the joy that accompanied my reading of the guide is perhaps unparalleled to any kind of joy a person preparing for this event has ever felt. Ever.

In retrospect, I should have recorded a video of myself reading the guide so that y’all could watch my reactions…but alas, I did not. So I will do my best to reenact, via words, capitalization, and emotes, my exact reactions. Due to the capitalization that is supposed to impart excitement and not Drunk Hulk-style anger, many things will probably be in all caps.  And you will just have to read. Mwahaha.

So the way this is working is that I’ve copy/pasted a line(s) out of the guide (it is in quotes) and then below that you will find my reaction to that particular line(s).
Let’s begin, shall we?

The Merrymaker

“If you’ve already got a Violet Proto-Drake or just don’t care about the meta, Winter Veil will also give you the opportunity to turn your mount into a reindeer…”


With a Little Helper from My Friends

“If you’ve never taken part in Winter Veil previously, what you need to know is that there are machines located outside (or in) most major cities that will give you a buff that turns you into a gnome in a Winter Helper costume.”

Oh haile (this is the very Southern way to say “hell”) yes. I will be the best Winter Helper EVER. (That is a lie since it involves PvP. But I did not realize that at the time.)

“Alliance will need to toss a snowball at Muradin Bronzebeard in Ironforge; Horde will need to chuck one at Baine Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff  [SPOILER ALERT] (the achievements previously concerned Magni and Cairne, who are obviously no longer around).”

I do not love throwing snowballs because I do not like making snowballs because they make my hands cold and I can never seem to pack them down enough, so when I throw them they just kind of fall apart. It is a travesty, I know.

Kiss Kiss

“/Kiss a Winter Reveler and you will get a festive prize. :)”


Simply Abominable
“The short quest line starts with Stolen Winter Veil Treats (for Alliance) or Stolen Winter Veil Treats (for Horde). These will take you to the Strange Snowman NPC in the Alterac Mountains, who will direct you to kill The Abominable Greench, a spawned mob in the area.”

If you remember, I made a sort of sweeping, passing reference to The Bumble from the 1964 claymation TV movie and undeniable Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer back in August when I discovered the Yetis. In that post, I said that I wished there were a Yeti named The Bumble and that I hoped he was angry because he had a toothache. Well, unfortunately for me that is not what Blizzard came up with when they created Simply Abominable…which is sad for them because naming a Yeti The Greench is just plain silly despite the fact that the grinch sort of looks like a Yeti and was mean and lived at the top of a snowy mountain. My version is better, and I obviously need to be a writer/pop culture editor for this game. But I digress.

Despite my disappointment, I am still excited that there is a big Yeti for Christmastime. And I am VERY excited that a strange snowman is the quest giver. Because the only thing better than a snowman, is a strange snowman.

“Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s

Okay, teehee at the title, but let’s think about this. The quest involves kissing dudes. Ohhhh I get it.  Blizzard, you are so cheeky.

He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty

“Opening one of the presents beneath the Ironforge or Orgrimmar tree…”

THERE ARE TREES?! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TREES. They’re just so festive. In fact, we have two at my apartment. (See one of them in the picture below.)

Alright, now I want you to tell me what your favorite Winter Veil event/thing/happening is. That way I can enjoy it too!


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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    December 19, 2010 1:59 pm


    Oh noes! Your enthusiasm for Winter Veil is coming out of my computer monitor…must…quell…desire…to….participate…

    and fail. Dagnabbit, I’m going to have to go home and do these achievements now.


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