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I Love My Pally-Phant!

November 28, 2010

Because I’ve been questing through Northrend, I use Grover the Snowy Gryphon when in need of a mount. Because flying is awesome.

So the other day when I went to Stormwind, where I can’t fly yet because I don’t have that super fun flying license thing, I summoned my Charger, Churchill, and had a very large surprise.

Churchill is now a phant!!

I had heard about the pally-phant that was coming in Cataclysm, but I hadn’t realized that a) my horses would be automatically transformed into elekks and b) that the change would happen in The Shattering patch. In fact, I figured I’d have to go to my Riding Trainer in Exodar and buy the new pally-phant. So this is a very pleasant surprise indeed. 🙂

Thanks Blizzard!

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