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Last Week’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

November 21, 2010

Despite the fact that I took a bit of a WoW-breather and put up cloying posts about how burnt out I was feeling and what I was doing with all of my time, I am baaaaack.

Just for an update for those of you not following me on Twitter (shame on you, btw), I am now at Level 78 and starting Icecrown quests. So I’m in the homestretch!! Level 80, here I come!!

But back to the post at hand, and not the not-so-far-off eventualities–I have screenshots avec commentary. Peruse them. Read them. Enjoy them. Or else.

1. This is not a computer glitch
In a super sci-fi twist, future Elaelia came to help present Elaelia kill a bunch of dudes. It actually really, really confused me because I ended up looking at the wrong Elaelia and was concerned about why she wasn’t doing what I told her to do. And then I realized… *facepalm*

2. Blow Shit Up!
To continue the “these quests are freaking weird” dialogue, this one is not quite as bizarre as the “go kill a wolvar and smear its blood on your face,” but way grosser than the (really mean) Cruella de Vil quest. And involves me throwing a bomb into a snake’s mouth. Which, just for the record, is both ridiculous and dangerous. Just sayin’.

3. How dare you be taller than me!
H’okay, so. I have become very used to being the tall one, which is something that I do not take for granted because IRL I am quite the petite lady. So when someone is not only taller, but WAAAAAAY taller than me, I take umbrage with that. And therefore I kill them. (Also, I had a quest to do.)

4. Greatest. Quest Name. EVERRRRRRR.
It cannot be denied. It just can’t. SO GOOD.

5. Hey, Look! That’s Me!
Yep, I got to moonlight as a ghoul for a bit.  Actually, I had to go feed other ghouls some sort of brains and bowels mixture, which made me hella-glad that I don’t live in an age where games have smell-o-vision.

6. Oooooh.
I has wings! If only they would actually let me fly.

7. Cute Quest, FTW!
This is almost as good as that adorable quest between Guard Parker and Darcy.

8. Why, hey there Monte!
How’s it hangin’? (bahahahaha!)

9. Oh my giddy God.
It’s pre-Lichy Arthas! (And pre-dead Uther. And Jaina…who is basically the same.)

And what does Blizzard make me look like as I get to cull Stratholme (sad) with Arthas?

Just as a refresher, this is what I normally look like:

This is what Blizzard made me look like:

If they’re going to transform me into another character, why give me an ugly hair cut? Just….rude. Rude, rude, rude. Actually, here’s an even better question: why is that haircut even an option for female characters? (I think she’s a female….oh dear. Now I don’t know. This is terrible!)

Despite my mental anguish based on this terrible haircut, I hope that everyone else has had a good pre-Thanksgiving week! 🙂

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  1. November 21, 2010 3:30 pm

    lol my Blood Elf is given the same haircut in the Caverns of Time instances as horde all get turned into humans there. She gets that haircut but it’s white too so she looks old and ugly, lol… I hate it!

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