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The Tragic Story of My Brilliant, WoW-Inspired, Money Making Scheme

November 3, 2010

It was another perfectly sunny day in Los Angeles, California. Nondescript, really.  I stared out the window at the warm sunlight thinking to myself how perfectly my weekend was going. I was with Nick, my long distance boyfriend whom I rarely see for his birthday. All I could think about was how great it was to actually be in the same room with him instead of across the country from him.

The sight of a person walking past Nick’s open bedroom window jolted me out of my revery and I begrudgingly turned to look back at the computer screen. I checked my email, gave Facebook a passing glance, and then logged into my Twitter account.

After skimming the recent tweets, I clicked on the Mentions tab to see if anyone had said anything either to me or about me lately.

In fact, someone had. A male reader of my blog informed me that after reading my blog, his girlfriend had decided to start playing World of Warcraft.

I smiled and clapped my hands over my mouth, in utter disbelief that something as silly and whimsical as my blog was the catalyst in inspiring a woman to play World of Warcraft. Crazy.

But that made me think of other women my blog has influenced.

In fact, there are two more female readers who have told me that they either started playing or went back to their abandoned characters because my blog made them miss playing.

Even though my total is at three–a number some could scoff at– the knowledge that I was the spark that put the World of Warcraft curiosity in them brought me an amazing sense of accomplishment. I never EVER in a million, trillion years expected this blog to become an inspiration for non-WoW players to start playing. So the fact that people had been inspired by this blog that came to be out of a weird little whim when I was unemployed and bored, the fact that I’ve changed people’s minds about the game and made them feel that they might enjoy it, is just full of so much win I didn’t even know what to do about it.

Then I had an idea.

I whipped the leather desk chair around to Nick, who had been in and out of his room, and proclaimed,

“You know what we should do? We should create an online dating website for World of Warcraft players.”

Here is a semi-fictionalized version of the conversation that followed.

[begin scene]

Nick: “What?”

Me: “Yes! We play and we’re dating. So obviously we know a thing or two about it. And we could just buy a domain name and build the site and find someone to create one of those crazy eHarmony type compatibility tests, but, you know, filled with World of Warcraft questions. It’d be gold.”

Nick: “Um…okay.”

[end scene]

And then I remembered something. No good idea is original. So I breathlessly Googled “World of Warcraft dating site,” knowing that there would be results–Google always has results. But I thought that maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be a World of Warcraft-specific dating site.

Then the results page popped up. My brief hope of hooking up WoW players was abruptly stomped to death as Google pulled up over a million results.

Sighing, I told Nick of what I found. He wasn’t surprised.

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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    November 4, 2010 8:18 am


    Hey, it was a good idea!

    Actually referred a friend of mine to your blog. She just started playing WoW and seemed kinda embarrassed about it. I figured that your blog would help her.


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