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Last Week’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

November 2, 2010

Despite the fact that I wasn’t in a very Hallow’s End kind of mood and in a general World of Warcraft funk (My inner dialogue: “Ugh, I hate collection quests. Especially collection quests that involve me collecting people being chased by Scourgies.”) I got a few things accomplished in my short and fairly busy week that was last week.

Depending on how closely you follow me on the Twitters, you may or may not know that Nick’s birthday was last week, and so I went to LA to spend the weekend with him. (It was great! Thanks for asking!) Which meant that I got to play WoW in the same room as him again and he ran three consecutive dungeons with me so that I could ding 73. He’s so sweet.

But that’s not all I experienced in-game last week…

I got to dress up in a murloc suit.

And then both my race and intelligence were insulted by a murloc named Ahlurglgr (I imagine the pronunciation sounds like someone clearing their throat). He obviously doesn’t understand or care about my people’s STRUUUUUGGLE to overcome the name “space goat.”

And I was tricked into dressing up as a he-gnome with leprosy. Or radiation. I’m not sure which.

And I spotted an orca! Can you see my reaction to spotting the orca? No?!

Well, lemme zoom in a little closer for ya.

That’s right. I immediately associate orcas with Gaga.  And for those of you who are confused, here is a visual guide to what I mean.

You’re welcome. Moving along now.

I was given a Cruella de Vil quest. Which I completed. And then felt terrible about it when I thought about what I had to do to get the poor, poor wolvar puppies.

And then I was given this quest, in which I kill a wolvar and then smear my face with its blood. Because that’s normal.

Are there any other weird ass quests I should be on the look out for?

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  1. November 2, 2010 3:26 pm

    “Are there any other weird ass quests I should be on the look out for? ”

    Yes.. yes there is, everthing Oralius gives you! (he’s below your level range now sadly)

  2. November 2, 2010 4:24 pm

    Murocs make me /shudder. You should visit the sewers in Dal some time, there is a shark that lives there!


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