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This Week’s Most Notable In-Game Moments, Extended Edition

October 11, 2010

Welcome to this week’s most notable in-game moments, extended edition! It’s extended because this is technically both this week and last week’s most notable in-game moments…because…well…there weren’t so many last week because I either forgot to take screenshots or because what I was doing wasn’t that interesting.

Basically, I was doing a lot of this:

Boring right?

So instead of writing a boring blog post, I waited until I had enough stuff to write a blog post worth your while.

Because I’m nice like that.

1. Ogre Rug. At least…I think it’s an ogre rug.
This is just gross. So much gross on so many levels.

2. Fearless Girdle is Fearless
For some reason, the description of a girdle as fearless really amuses me.  Maybe because I’d be fearful of a girdle?

3. Crop Circle!
I swear to God, if Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix show up, I am dunzo with this game.

4. Look at my (temporary) dragon mount!
If only his name were Puff… (he’s obviously already magic). His long neck kind of freaks me out.

5. Awweee.
Unlike the creepy, lifeless tigers in lovely Darnassus this sleeping lion is adorable. And there’s even a super catchy song (Click the link! Do it!)  you can sing it…

6. Aren’t You Glad This Didn’t Happen to Newton?
So, while Grover and I fly around Nagrand, I like to sometimes take a little break on the floating pieces of land…just because. But, one time when I stopped, I found this poor apple picker dude. Whom, I assume was trying to gather up some apples–probably to bake a delicious apple pie–and then he somehow killed himself with his own ax. That is the ONLY explanation, because he obviously would not be trying to chop the apple tree down. That is just blasphemous.

7. Haris Pilton I Found You!
I was shocked to find that she is slummin’ it in the Lower City.

8. I am so proud of this achievement.
And no, I didn’t kill a sad little low leveler to get it.

9. Does that…does that really say over yonder?!
It totally does!!!!! Huzzah for super Southern sayings in WoW!!!!!

10. Further Proof that Nick is a Jerk.
I think it’s self-explanatory. However–I must admit to you all that I in addition to wanting a Riding Ram I now want a Talbuk as well. And to get said Talbuk I have to do all of the Nagrand quests…which include working with stupid Nesingway. And because of that requirement, I did kill a few Talbuks. And I hated every second of it. But Nick has screenshots of it that I’m sure he’s saving to try and blackmail me when I join DEHTA, despite the fact that I’m not a Druid, as soon as I get to Borean Tundra.

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