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Kirina’s Closet: WoW Fashion Competition

October 8, 2010

You guys, I’ve discovered something.

I’m not the only one who blogs about WoW Fashion! (Not that I was naive enough to really think that, but I’d never seen it before.)

In fact, WoW player Kirina has a blog called Kirina’s Closet in which she talks a lot bout WoW fashion.

And right now she is holding a Hallow’s End Fashion Competition. All you have to do is dress up your toon is some seriously fabulous Hallow’s End digs, snap a screenshot, and then email it to her. Easy as that! For the rest of the rules and regs, check out Kirina’s blog (linked above.)

Now the question is…what am I going to dress Elaelia in?!

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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    October 8, 2010 6:54 pm

    OOOH! I actually thought of a nifty costume for that today. I wanna be one of those casters from Stratholme! Barring that, I’ll throw on my Masquerade Gown.

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