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This Week’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

September 24, 2010

This has been a big WoW week for me. Not only did I hit 60, get a flying mount, introduce Elaelia to Brewfest, and achieve both a Wolpertinger and a Pint-Size Pink Pachyderm, but I also encountered a plethora of pop and/or culture references.

Oh how I love a well-placed pop culture/literary reference. It will make my day. Truly. That is the type of joy I derive from stumbling upon you.

We’ll just leave it at this: it’s been a really good week. Read on readers, for some pics and a little bit of commentary from yours truly.

1. All Along the Watchtower
This the first Bob Dylan reference I’ve run into. I hope it’s not my last.

2. Baby Spice
I really hope Emma Bunton knows about this.

3. Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker
One of my guildies received this and I just can’t get over the ridiculous of the name. It is legitimately silly.

4. Free food!
Remember how I bitched about the lack of food available at Harvest Fest? After finding Bounty of Harvest in my mailbox, I take it all back.

5. AHHH!
This is the creepiest thing I’ve seen since The (disgustingly named) Gaping Chasm. Which gave me nightmares.

6. Seriously?!
They named a quest Forging the Shaft?! *erupts into a very adolescent giggle fit*

7. Heart of Darkness!
Despite the fact that I loathed this book while reading it in AP Lit class back in high school, I love how lit-friendly this game is.

8. Hello Inigo Montoy.
I want to know if this dudeĀ  is hunting a six-fingered man and using his priesthood as his cover….

9. The Slag Pit
Although this word, according to Mirriam Webster, is defined as “the dross or scoria of a metal” it does have another, less confusing meaning. (And yes, I did look up the definitions of both “dross” and ‘scoria”) If you’re not a person who reads books intended for British teenage girls, then you may not know what “slag” means in the good ol’ UK. So I’ll enlighten you via a definition found on Urban Dictionary, aka the best dictionary ever.

slag: “a woman who has her legs so wide apart she makes the channel tunnel look insignficant”

There you have it folks. And now you know why this particular area of the Searing Gorge made me howl with laughter.

10. Timmy the Cruel
If only the entire South Park gang were there. That would have impressed me.

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  1. ladyerinia permalink
    September 24, 2010 8:33 pm

    Oooooh….Stratholme. You know how many times I have kill the final boss in that damn instance? TOO MANY TIMES. I want his deathcharger. you want a ram, I want that stupid horse.

    Also, word of advice: Run Stratholme daily while you can. You get nifty stuff from argent dawn, and each run is about 400 gold =) and if you get that stupid horse, I’ll cry.

  2. September 29, 2010 5:45 pm

    WoW is FULL of references to everything, I don’t even catch half of them all, but they make me smile whenever I do manage to get one.


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