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Why Yes, I am Sharpbeak’s Savior.

September 11, 2010

Since I’ve started a grown-up job with grown-up hours, blogging on a daily basis is completely out of the question.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m still playing. Almost every day actually. But not enough to warrant a “day” in the way that I was previously blogging. So I’m going to abandon that format in favor of a couple posts per week that will encapsulate what I’ve been up to in-game.

Cool? Cool.

So let’s get to the updating, shall we?

After many travels, hushed conferences, and lots of killin’, I have indeed saved Sharpbeak.

And it was kind of hard.

Not only did I have to travel all over the damned place, but I had to climb this damned Jintha Alor mountain village that is apparently full of scantily clad vampires and mean Hordies who hug then spit on me then run away too quickly for me to get their picture for my Shit List.

Which means s/he is a smart Hordie. But not smart enough.

Because the Hordie hugged and then spat upon my dead body (classy), I have his/her name. So! If you see Fwroath….you know what to do.

Other than that, it wasn’t so bad. The stupid Vile Priestess chick kept turning me into a frog and then killing me…so that was annoying. But then Nick told me that I can hit my divine protection and it would keep her from hexing me.

So I did that and then killed her and stole her key. And then I saved Sharpbeak!!

And reunited him with his family!! (who could have at least said thank you…)

And then I talked to the dwarfy man who told me some very exciting news.


All of my dreams are coming true.

And in my excitement over that, I totally forgot to use my mallet thing to create the Zal’ Farruk weapon while at Jintha Alor. So I guess I’ll have to go back and do that at some point. *Sigh*


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