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Shit List: Orobus of the Ashen Verdict

August 29, 2010

While questing through the Hinterlands yesterday, I got a little bored, saw that my map looked quite empty, and decided to go explore. It seemed like a fun/safe thing to do.

Turns out…not so much.

I head West toward a nice sounding place called Tarren Mill (I had a friend named Tarren in undergrad…and mills are typically filled with nice folk who, you know, mill) and when I get there I realize from the sudden gray color of my screen that this place is not happy and friendly.

But I confidently carry on regardless.

And then I get attacked by a couple of random in-game meanies, I kill them, and then sit down for a moment to eat a little snack.

Befuddled & discombobulated, I scan the area to find out WTF just hit me, and see a Hordie off in the distance. Although he wasn’t as condescending and bastardy as Spoonknife, the shit list founder, I still was not happy.

So I release my body, rez at the soul healer lady, and run back….I had quite the run, so I figured that Orobus would get bored and go terrorize a different place.


Learning from past mistakes, I just decided to just hang out. He hangs out. Then he runs away. Then comes back to hang out some more. But, by the time one of Nick’s Level 80 characters got to me, dude had given up. (Huzzah!! But sowwy Nicky…)

But, I still don’t understand how or why it’s fun to camp a much lower level player and just keep killing them–it’s not like it’s a challenge for them. And if someone actually finds that fun, then I suggest that they be turned over to CIA criminal profilers. Because there is either some major pent up aggression or they are on the verge of having some sort of serial killer breakdown. (Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Some people are just mean, I guess.)

But, apparently the “of the Ashen Verdict” clause of his name isn’t just Orobus trying to sound cool or intimidating or medieval–it is some sort of identifier that he is….I think the word is geared. (Is that right?)

So…how does that work? Certain gear gives you a qualifier in your name? And….does that qualifier give you, like, powers or connections or what? TELL ME NOW.

Anyway. If you run into Mr. Orobus of the Ashen Verdict, and feel like picking a fight, have at it. And if you feel so inclined, take a screen shot, and email it to me. ( In return, you will receive a fantastic amount of praise on the blog. Nothing beats online glory right?

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  1. goDDyGodsen permalink
    August 29, 2010 5:15 pm

    it is simple…
    alliance has not to be in or near tarrens mill!
    it’s horde territory, just stay out. it is is kill on sight, simple…

  2. Silvr permalink
    August 31, 2010 10:37 am

    Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion. Was’nt sure if you knew that when you attack horde non player characters (NPC’s) like the ones in Tarren Mill, it flags you for player vs player (assuming your not on a pvp server). Which enabled ol’ Orobus to lay the smackdown on you. It would be the same for a Horde character attacking the NPC’s in Southshore the alliance town. Also the “of the Ashen Verdict” is a title that you can earn. There are many titles in WoW usually associated with some type of achievement. My favorite which is use is “Salty” infront of my name which you earn from completing a list of fishing achievements.

    Happy Adventuring,


  3. Silvr permalink
    August 31, 2010 10:41 am

    Doh, forgot this, If you run into a horde town or come near one of the NPC’s they will attack you. If you don’t hit them and just run away until they reset you won’t become flagged for player vs player. What changes you to pvp is when you actually hit them back.



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