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Day 23’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

August 29, 2010

In my many travels through Azeroth–which has the most varied and nonsensical terrain ever–yesterday, I ran into some rather unseemly situations.

Oh how I hate unseemly situations. Unless they let me use my newly-earned-and-still-shiny-and-exciting Hammer of Wrath, and then it’s totes fine.

1. Wildhammer Dwarves
Unseemly, but in a fun, renegade way.

2. Pig Roasting on a Spit
For a person who is an alum of a school who’s mascot is the Razorback, this is highly unseemly.

3. Piles of poo.
SO Unseemly.

4. Talking Tragan
Funny, but a talking anything-that-shouldn’t-be-talking is pretty unseemly if you think about it.

Not unseemly at all.

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