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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 22

August 26, 2010

Why, hello there.

Although I warned you guys that I was taking a bit of a vacay, I’m sure there were still those of you who thought that that blog post was just my way of gently quitting the game.

Au contraire, mes petits.

All I needed was a little trip to the South to rejuvenate my senses, remind me of my roots (and accent), and pump me full of grease and sweet tea and Shiner Bock to rev my engines again.

Not that they weren’t revved…I’m kind of the human version of the Energizer Bunny. If the Energizer Bunny drank coffee.

But that is neither here nor there. What y’all wanna know about is how my first day back to the game went after a five day hiatus. Welp. It went juuuuuuust fine.

Not only did I level to 44, which, considering that I still have basically no idea how this game works, I’d say is pretty impressive, but I also killed a plethora of pirates, a stadium filled with scarabs,  and a three-headed dragon thingy that somehow lived in a tiny pool of water. And what did I get in return for painstakingly killing a (kind of cute) three-headed dragon thingy?

A carrot on a stick.

Now, at first, I thought that was some sort of sick joke. But once I equipped the carrot as a trinket and realized that it made my already fast horsey go faster, boy howdy was I excited.

Now if only I could actually see Elaelia holding the dangling carrot in front of her speedy steed. (Who needs a name!!! I have THREE pets/mounts that are currently nameless. This must be remedied soon.)

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  1. August 26, 2010 9:47 pm

    wow you’re at 44 already?? How many hours do you play daily on average. I play about 2 and I am only level 12. Then again, have been taking time in between to do other things

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