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Wanted: Riding Wolf

August 20, 2010

Dear Blizzard Entertainment,

I implore you to stop introducing me to new mounts. It is simply rude and at this point, I feel like you’re just teasing me. You know how much I love the in-game critters and that I have a soft spot for animals in general, especially if they are animals that can be ridden. (I may or may not have been the child that always wanted a pony. And I may or may not have read all of the Saddle Club books.)

The realization that there is such a thing as a Riding Wolf only makes me want to create a new toon named Little Red, who would obviously have a Riding Wolf. He wouldn’t even need a new pet name! It would simply be Little Red’s Riding Wolf, and it would be so gloriously post-modern that it would perhaps make Bill Willingham happy. Or maybe not. Regardless of Mr. Willingham, it would make me happy.

But that is the issue! You see, I have this new job, and it takes up a lot of my time. And, I already have two other toons, both of which I need to level up, and I just don’t have time for a third toon. So, if you could kindly hide all of the other mounts from me for the next, say, six months, I would appreciate it.


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