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Bethany Returns to the Homeland

August 20, 2010

Tonight after work, I am leaving on a jet plane and traveling to the far away land of my home.

I haven’t been home since March. And I am in desperate need of a big dose of the South. In fact, I need a dose so big that I’m not taking my computer with me.

*record screech, everyone stares*

You heard me, I’m leaving it in at my apartment, which is somewhere in the greater New York metropolitan area.

*music starts again, everyone resumes their conversation*

But don’t fret, I’ll be back next Tuesday. So until then, why don’t you check out my 20 Best Guild Names post?

While y’all do that, I’m going to eat Sonic, drink copious amounts of sweet tea, play with my dog, meet my new half-brother, HANG OUT AT THE SORORITY HOUSE,  celebrate my (biological) sister’s birthday, and maybe even venture to Silver Dollar City.

So until next Tuesday, be good, stay courteous, wear your seatbelt, and, uh, spay and neuter your pets.


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  1. xarleecm permalink
    August 24, 2010 8:08 am

    We thought u gave up WoW ;P
    Enjoy ur vacation!
    Btw cute dog and attractive sister (biological).
    Now I understand ur nick ‘sororitygirl’ when I watched KappaDelta photo.
    Of course never thought that a KD girl would play WoW, never, ever. Funny though.

    record screech…lol 😀


  1. Brewfest: Week 1 « Sorority Girl Plays WoW

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