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August 17, 2010

With my preoccupation to get a Riding Ram, I totally forgot about the Eleks. How I managed to become so obsessed with a ram that I forgot about my obsession with an elephant is beyond me. (It’s a deep seated obsession. In fact, I at one point adopted an elephant at an elephant sanctuary and supported its care for a year.)

Or not. I’m an intensely focused person, and I become very one-track minded when I set a goal, so that probably explains it why the Elek as a mount thing slipped my mind.


While questing today, Nick reminded me that to get my faster mount I would not only have to go to a riding trainer, but would have to go to the riding trainer alllll the way over in Exodar.

As I pouted for a bit about how to get from STV to Exodar and back (take a ship, then hearth to Southsore–because for some reason my hearth hadn’t been reset to somewhere more central–then fly to STV from Southshore), Nick logged in as his mage and made a portal for me to go to Exodar. And I thought that was really effing nice.

And then after I got my riding ability from the elek riding trainer, Nick (well, his mage character) looks at me and says “And now you can buy an elek.”


I naturally had to examine them all, but decided to go with the super fast purple elek. Who has yet to be named. (I also have a cockatiel in need of a name….hrmm….) AND I have a Charger horsey.

Now for the Riding Ram….


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