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Bethany Plays WoW, Latter Half of Day 20.5

August 17, 2010

So after hitting Level 40 yesterday, I immediately went to my pally trainer  for the specific purpose of getting my Level 40 mount. And then I had a bit of a freak out because he didn’t give me my fast horsey.

As any sane person would do in this kind of terrible situation, I called Nick (I’m so spoiled in that I have him, and you guys!, to fall back on when I have questions. What did you guys do when you were a new player and you encountered a sticky situation?) who told me to go to a riding trainer. So I did that. And he told me that he had nothing for me. And I was very perturbed. What was the point of me busting my ass to get to Level 40 if there is no awesome fast horse for me to ride?

So I did what any semi-technologically savvy confused person would do. I Googled “faster world of warcraft mount.” Apparently you have to buy the ability to ride the faster horse. And it costs 50 gold. Which I currently do not have. (In-game life is mirroring real life. I hate that.) Sigh. So I’ve been picking up paying quests/killing lots of people so that I have mo’ monies. But hopefully not mo’ problems.

Other than that, I also worked on my professions….which have been extremely ignored. Like…I just started using alchemy…last night. Not even kidding. So my next in-game goal (along with becoming exalted in Ironforge) will be leveling both herbalism and alchemy. Because I think those things are probably important.

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  1. August 17, 2010 10:41 pm

    lawl 50g was the cost of the original level 40 mount (the one you now get at level 20) and the 60 faster mount (or “epic” mount as we called it back then) that you now get at level 40 used to cost like 900g – I know people that farmed for gold for that one for months before they got their fast mount. As a pally, not sure if they took it out or not, but there used to be an epic level 60 quest for the special pally mount (which they have since added a “glow” cloud that looks more like a stench cloud to me, hence my quest to get my ram, lol…) – it required you gathering a ton of rare items and then putting them together to make an item that you use in the basement of Scholomance to fight a bunch of ghosties and a tough boss. It was pretty epic!

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