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Days 19-20.5’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

August 16, 2010

Although my Internet issues are probably the most notable of moments from this weekend, there are a couple other things that I found bizarre and baffling while questing through Theramore/Mudsprocket/The Quagmire/Dustwallow Marsh and the rest of the places associated with that terrible, awful, depressing area.

Also: WTF is the deal with the nasty oozey slug things? They freak me out and I hate them. HATE THEM. Do they ever go away?

1. Two headed boy?
This is just creepy. And then I figured out that the goblins are kind of mean/racist to him and then I felt bad for him. Perhaps we should orchestrate a march for ogre rights?

2. I hate the dragonkin.
They’re dragons. But they have legs. That is super scary.

3. Asinine Quest
Can please explain to me how it makes sense to revive dead spirits and just kill them again? Because…that just seems redundant.

4. Why do I have keys?
I just realized that I have a keyring. And was shocked to find that it actually has keys. Um….why?

5. Really?
The game seriously asks you to commit arson. I actually read this quest about 5 times because I couldn’t believe it.

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  1. August 16, 2010 4:57 pm

    Once upon time, certain dungeons required you to obtain a key in order to enter the instance. Sometimes you only needed 1 person in the group to have the key, other times, each person needed their own key. It got annoying having to carry all these different keys in your bags and banks so they eventually incorporated a key ring to put all the physical keys (as some keys were items, such as a necklace you needed to do this long quest chain for in order to enter Onyxia’s lair back at the level 60 days).

    There’s a key for Gnomer, one for Scarlet Monastary, one for Dead Strat, one for Scholomance, one for UBRS (which is actually a ring), one that can be used in BRD, and then the necklace for Onyxia’s Lair and attunement quests you had to do in order to enter Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

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