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Bethany Plays WoW, Days 19-20.5

August 16, 2010


Last time we chatted, my Internet worked perfectly, and I was well on my way to Level 40 and making my goal of getting to Level 40 by Sunday. And then I woke up on Saturday and the wifi network that my apartment shares with our upstairs neighbors was….not there. So I refreshed the wifi networks…still wasn’t there. So I restarted my computer, just in case that was the issue…and it still wasn’t there. And then I went to ask my roommates if they could get on our network and they said “No.”

So I attempted to play WoW using an unprotected, super weak wifi network. That was pretty much a disaster.

Not only was the connectivity terrible, if I was able to log in to the game, I would be able to play for about 5 or 10 minutes before the game started to lag and/or freeze, or I would get disconnected from the server. Even with those issues, I made it to Level 39 yesterday before giving up out of frustrated exasperation.

And then this morning happened…I ended up locking myself out of my apartment without my phone or shoes (yeaahhhhhh) so I had no choice but to go to my upstairs neighbors to borrow a phone to call the super…and while I was up there I inquired about the Internet. Turns out they renamed it and set up a new password and just forgot to tell us. Bitches.

But now it works! And I made it to Level 40!!!!! And I left disgusting Theramore to go back to gorgeous Southshore!!!!


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