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Epiphany: Chain Quests = Pulp Fiction (Think Chandler, Not Tarantino)

August 13, 2010

While following the epic quest chain of The Missing Diplomat, I realized something that I’ve been on the verge of discovering for about a week now. (The lightbulb was flickering but wasn’t quiiite there yet…) These crazy long quest chains are simply an RPG version of pulp fiction.


If you haven’t already figured out from my not-so-few-and-far-between Veronica Mars references (I basically want to be her…not even joking), I’m a big mystery/detective/spy/psychological thriller fan, and, as such, I absolutely adore all things pulpy and noir-esque.

Which basically means that this whole kidnapped King/burned down inn situation is right up my alley.

I get to investigate, and do shake downs, and inquests, and recon, and have basically unlimited access to both diplomats and the seedy underbelly of WoW due to my relationship with one Elling Trias…it’s just so cool.

I almost think I should take the PI test and see how I do. And if I pass…new career path?

Sadly, I kind of hate Theramore. If it was less boggy and more French Quarter New Orleans-y I would probably have less of a problem with it. And then I would permanently move there so as to aid poor befuddled Inspector Tarem…but only if there was a Cafe du Monde…(omg beignets!!!!)


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