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Day 17’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

August 12, 2010

I think I’m at the point in the game where I’ve either gotten used to seeing strange things or that certain levels just don’t have as many strange things as others. I think it’s probably more that I’m getting used to the quirks and memes and conventions of the game and now things like radioactive attack slime don’t take me by surprise as often. However…they’re still disgusting. And the sight of those fuzzy in-game spiders still makes me all itchy. *shudder*

1. I really like the gnomes!!
Look at how tiny and cute they are! And that mustache!! And they’re squeaky little voices! And you probably can’t read the text there, but I love their banter! Especially this part:

“Luckily, Razzle and I are close to some kind of cure–either there or the recipe for a really powerful rum.”


2. I found the ram farm.
That’s just mean.

3. I also found the in-game Museum of Natural History
I’m really stuck on this ram thing, aren’t I?

4. YESSSS!!!
I’m so close to being an in-game Veronica Mars it’s not even funny. Even the quest people acknowledge my sleuthy prowess.

So, the game must be able to read my mind because I have been seriously jonesing for autumn. (Sweater weather! Football! Hot chocolate! Knee-high boots! Pretty leaves!) And it gave it to me! Thanks WoW!

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