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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 17

August 12, 2010

To fulfill my personal quest of hitting Level 40 by Sunday, I spent a whole lot of time in-game yesterday. Like, a ridiculous amount of time. Like, the majority of my day was spent playing.

I dinged Level 36 around the ungodly hour of 2:30 AM and promptly passed out, only to be awoken at 8:30 AM (I know that 6 hours seems like plenty of sleep, but I was in a seriously deep slumber when she woke me up) by my roommate who had conveniently locked herself out of the apartment when she went to go do laundry…but I forgave her because she washed the rug in the bathroom and it was very warm when I stood on it….mmmmm….happy feet.
Anywaaaaayyyyy….I accomplished a lot yesterday! Not only did I do TWO dungeons by myself (meaning, without Nick. There were obviously other people involved) but I also checked out Arathi Highlands (ETERNAL AUTUMN!!!!! WHEEEEE!!!!), found out that there are Yetis in this game (please tell me one is named The Bumble and that he is only angry because he has a toothache), learned that I am straight up terrible at PvP, and can never find books for some inexplicable reason.

Speaking of books…why in the world would the ogres steal a bunch of books? Their language skills make it beyond obvious that they are illiterate and I’m mostly annoyed that I have to go kill them to get the books back. Because they aren’t reading them. And if they are…then I want them to be able to learn without the threat of someone killing them because of their thirst for knowledge. Can I become an in-game ogre literacy advocate?

That’s all.


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