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Day 16’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

August 11, 2010

Yesterday ended up being the day of picking up really funny quest stuff. Whether is be the quest itself or items dropped within the quest, I laughed out loud (really!) on several occasions. And then some of the stuff I ran into was just that–I would turn a corner and there it would be! And can I just say that Booty Bay is a hilariously named place that does not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. I even got a new pet there! (And yes, there will be a naming poll.)

1. Yo ho, Yo ho…
I love that this dude has on a super cliché pirate hat.

2. Buzzsaw?!
Oh, please, dear God, tell me that it remains stationery. Can you imagine death by buzzsaw? Gruesome. Terrible. Awful. Bad, bad. But better than death by drowning!

3. Hilarious Random Stuff!!
From Left to Right: Toxic Revenger = AWESOME; Moist Cornbread = NOM NOM NOM; Mystery Meat = TERRIFYING.

4. Evil Troll Magic?
Skullsplitters and Fetishes and Witchdoctors, OH MY. It’s like an S&M Wizard of Oz. I do already have a spiked collar…Oh WoW, how cheeky you are.

5. Well-Read Achievement!!!!!
I LOVE this. And it only solidifies the fact that I really need to start reading more about these achievements…because this one is so up my alley.

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  1. September 30, 2010 4:19 pm

    For the Well Read Achievment you can right click on those little book things in some instances/cities/towns/on tables/in rooms that are clickable, and read the backstories about Warcraft. They help explain a TON of lore!

    Here’s the article that gives you some information:

    I haven’t read far enough to know if you’ve discovered wowhead yet or not so if you haven’t, it’s a website where you can “google” or look up information, quest items, quests, npcs, objects, etc, that you find and or/need help with! =)

    Aka it’s sort of a database/repository of WoW information so if you don’t want to “spoil” anything, I would avoid it =)

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