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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 14

August 8, 2010

After a bit of a WoW dry spell throughout the week, I finally was able to spend a good deal of time in-game yesterday. As per usual, most of that time was spent running around confused…and I somehow accidentally ended up in Warsong Gulch, which was basically a big death trap for poor Elaelia. I kept dying so often that I didn’t even realize that the entire point of Warsong Gulch is to play capture the flag. Which, much to Nick’s shock, is a game that I didn’t really play growing up.

Because I’m a girl. Who didn’t really play sports. Or go to sports camp. I went to church camp and dance camp instead. (It allll makes sense now, huh?)

Anyway. I ended up logging out as Elaelia while still in Warsong Gulch because it intimidated me and freaked me out, so then I went to play as Rowynne for a bit. Which was…fine. The only thing that was note worthy at all is that Nick taught me about the stable master so that I can get a pet dog…because I’m that person.

Actually, that’s totally a lie. Nick and I actually played together for a bit in Duskwood and killed a bunch of Plague Spreaders and Brain Eaters and that wiley zombie dude Mor Ladim. Which is such a romantic way to spend the afternoon, right? (Actually, it was super fun. I’m not knocking it. Promise!)

And then after that I  had to go back to Azuremyst Isle to get the quest that gives Elaelia the ability to resurrect stuff. Because I somehow never did that when I was supposed to.

Oops! But now that situation is rectified and I can resurrect. Just like Jesus.

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  1. goDDyGodsen permalink
    August 8, 2010 6:58 pm

    just like jesus : D
    awesome day! except the logging out in warsong gulch : /

  2. xarleecm permalink
    August 8, 2010 7:02 pm

    Beth u dont even know that rezzing ppl is a priviledge. Bubble, lay on hands, divine intervention. Its a way of life. The light. The holly light. I have 3 pallys, prot, ret & holly and I lov’em.

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