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Day 13ish’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

August 7, 2010

Yo. So while on my killing things rampage during the day I had my (sort of) breakthrough, I of course had to see some things that were out of the ordinary game play. Or at least they were in my mind–I’m pretty sure that my mind is so crammed full of random trivia that no one cares about, that I immediately associate things with other things that they probably shouldn’t be associated with. Or that no one else understands. But that is neither your concern nor interest here. After the jump, check out Day 13’s most notable in-game moments.

1. First grade aggression
Despite the fact that this is so elementary school it’s hilarious, it brings up another point–other than veterinarian I think that WoW introduce the option of being a linguist. There are quests where people have to translate documents for you, so how much cooler would it be if you could just do it yourself? Although. It is pretty fun to see the other WoW languages show up as unintelligible gibberish on screen…

2. Ridiculous pants
Why in God’s name would anyone ever need lace pants unless they were doing this? (Okay, there are a few other things I can think of where lace pants could be, well, not necessary, but appropriate. I’ll let you think of what they are.) I almost wish I had taken them and not the shoes just so I could know if they actually show up lacy while wearing them…

3. Karen Taylor?
That is the most normal name I have EVER seen in this game.  I’m so used to seeing thing like “Priestess A’moora” and “Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker” (which isn’t so weird…but is cumbersome) that when I ran into Ms. Taylor I actually laughed at the simplicity of the name. I wonder if the game designers are giving a shout out to a friend? Or someone they lost a bet with? Or if their brains were just tired of making up creative names? Let me know your theories in comments…

4. There are Kings here?
This probably means that I’m missing the entire point of the game, but I had no idea that there are Kings. If any of them (because I assume that there are multiple Kings and that is the entire point we are at war? *goes to WoW guide to find out mythology of game*) want a Draenei Pally wifey, they should hit me up. I could totally be a queen. *insert drag joke here*

5. What a way to go
Sadly, this isn’t a great picture, but I found it HYSTERICAL that these dudes died on top of those giant mushrooms that give off a weird powder and then shake. Especially since it looks like that one dead dude is floating.

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  1. xarleecm permalink
    August 7, 2010 10:39 am

    Look for Haris Pilton, She is in the game, for sure.

  2. August 7, 2010 4:46 pm

    Yep, Haris Pilton sells the gigantique handbag (and she used to sell ruby sunglasses too) in a hangout in Lower City just outside Shattrah when you get to Outlands during levels 60-70.

    The King has actually just recently returned in this last expansion – for the original game and the 2nd expansion he was MIA and his son (the little boy next to him) was left in charge with the evil Lady Prestor (if I spelled that right) assisted him before she finally defeated for good. Not sure if they took out the quest chain, but there was one where you’re searching for the King and you end up in Dustwallow Marsh, beating people into submission for information… supposedily the King was locked away on Alcaz Island (which I don’t recommend visiting until your 60, as you used to need a raid to take out the main guy and the mobs on that island are tough cookies), but when you went there to see, he wasn’t there… he had been moved elsewhere it seemed and the well, they never finished that quest chain…

    • August 9, 2010 10:07 am

      Ha! I will absolutley buy a giant handbag from Haris Pilton! Love it!

      And that quest chain sounds like it was awesome. I like the ones that have a story arc. Although. I’m about sick of this Stalvan guy….all of that running around better be worth it…

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