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Heeeyyyy Duuuuude! (or, Bethany Talks Excitedly About Dagger Hills)

August 5, 2010

H’okay. So. Earlier today (Erm. Yesterday now.) I tweeted that I would blog today (Erm. Yesterday now.) and obviously I failed. But today turned out to be busier than I imagined because I had to take Nick to the airport (sad face), and go to a job interview (because I don’t like my freelance jobs…they’re unstable), and then the modeling people made me go into their office and then tricked me into staying for 6.5 hours. That was very unforeseen. And then I had to come home and watch So You Think You Can Dance (duh.) and therefore I didn’t blog.

And now I understand that you must berate/assault me in comments because I told you that you could. I will accept this fate with grace and humility. So, do what you must. And after the jump we’ll talk about why the title of this post is what it is, and also about me failing a pally quest.

So during the pally quest Tome of Valor, you have to go find and talk to this guy who eventually sends you to the middle of effing nowhere to protect this lady.

Which isn’t all that abnormal. (I am from Arkansas after all)

But if you recall, I’ve been questing with Rowynne in Darkshore and with Elaelia in Duskwood, both of which are bleak and terrifying in their own very different ways. So crossing the river into a different, less bleak place was fantastic just because there was artifical graphic sunlight. And then I looked around and realized that this place was very unlike any other place I had been in Azeroth.

It was all…yellow. (Terrible reference, I know. I just couldn’t resist!)

And then. There were highwaymen! IS THIS PLACE WHAT I THINK IT IS?! *Must examine quest text*

Do you see those dropped syllables?! And references to guns?! And land stealers?! And the Church with a capital “c”?! And her lack of a man?!

THIS PLACE IS A WESTERN!!!!! Just like the epic early-90s Nickelodeon television series Hey Dude! I LOOOOOOVE IT!

And then I let her die. And I failed. And that makes Bethie a sad red panda.

But I will go back and get the quest again and I WILL win!

Because that’s how the West was won. Sort of.

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  1. xarleecm permalink
    August 5, 2010 3:52 am

    Hi Beth,
    don’t worry, Wow should not be ur first priority …(never).
    By the way, the Pally quest is hard difficult, I always get a friend to acomplish it with success.
    Maybe if your spec is protection (tank) you’ll have a great chance to survive, but otherway is hard.
    I am leveling a Blood Elf Paladin as prot (tank) in an European Server, I would help u to finish the quest if I were in ur realm.
    I am surprised by the objective analysis that u do in every Zone.
    I have levelled many alts in Dagger Hills for 3 years and I never thought about that, a ‘Western’.
    You seem to like writing, and denote a cultural background that in some way enriches my/our Wow experience 🙂

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