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Day 12’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 31, 2010

Sometimes running around looking for quests is the best way to stumble upon really bizarre, fascinating, and/or pretty things in World of Warcraft. At least, that’s what I’ve discovered in my experience thus far.

Because of my many travels while playing yesterday, this edition of notable in-game moments are brought to you from Darkshore (awful), Stormwind City (eh), and Darnassas (wheee!)–yeah, I get around. đŸ˜‰

Can I also just sit and marvel for a moment at the complexity of building this game? Are there, like, video game architects out there somewhere? Because I’m seriously in awe of how much there is to this game visually. And you better believe I’m compiling a post about the WoW landscape.
1. Reason #5,492 that I Hate Darkshore
Look at how creepy the tree faces are! If a tree is going to have a face, why can’t it be a pleasant one. Like from (the oh-so historically accurate) Pocahontas.

2. Temple of the Moon = YES PLEASE
This is straight up awesome. And gorgeous. And I want to be a priestess and live here. If I’m a priestess in the game, can I live here?! Please say yes….not only does it look like Fern Gully, but it would fulfill all of those feminist girl-power type urges I sometimes have. (Damn you Spice Girls!)

3. Are those…
WoW dune buggies?! Can I drive one?!

4. ‘EY!
Rapunzel! Let down yo’ hair, woman!

5. OMG There are Larsons here?!
I found my people! And no, I’m not surprised that he is a hatter. Although, I’m not sure if Larsons are historically hatters. I’ll have to consult my Nordic history/etymology dictionary. (I really do have an etymological dictionary…)

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  1. July 31, 2010 4:10 pm

    I just got a Beta invite for the new upcoming WoW expansion Cataclysm – you HAVE to create a goblin (horde) character just to check out their starting area! It’s soooooo awesome! Early on you get a quest that gives you a makeshift hot rod car and you get to keep it and drive it the whole time you’re there on the starting goblin island, as the place is kinda big for walking around, but the roads you drive on twist and curve like you’re on a roller coaster! They put SOOO much into this starting zone, it about blew me away! It’s like a mini theme park almost and I LOVED it – I might just keep making goblin alts to play around in the starting zone, lol…

    There’s so many fun subtle references they put into it too – one of the first stops you make on the hot rod is to this gas station, where there’s 4 “rediculously good looking supermodel” goblins just like Zoolander’s roommates (with their names too) playing around, all in sync, with the gas pumps spraying, lol… I nearly died laughing when I saw that!

    There’s also Vinny Slapchop who’s standing near the bank, yelling about some product or another you gotta have, lol…

    I didn’t try the Worgen starting zone yet, as right now you can’t really customize a Worgen yet (you can only pick the class – no features to customize yet and you can only play a male, yuck) so I figured I’d wait til they change that.

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