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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 12

July 31, 2010

Yesterday my WoW playing pretty much consisted of me finding transportation, taking it, and then running around aimlessly. After you all graciously gave me names of places I could quest that aren’t Darkshore, (btw, I didn’t reailze I could just leave. I thought I had to complete the quests before I could go anywhere else.) I took the ship to Stormwind City and then realized that I still had a quest to turn in in Darnassas (aka my favorite place ever.)

So, I went back to Darkshore, and took the portal to Darnassas and started searching for this priestess turned madwoman whose silvery spinnerets I’m supposed to collect–I’m very nervous to find her because a word like spinnerets makes me think of a) spiders, and b) Sleeping Beauty. In neither of those scenarios, are the spinnerets a welcome situation.

But then after that, I decided to leave my apartment (gasp!) to go with bff Nigel to see The Swell Season play free show and then watch Salt. That was a good decision.

And for those of you who are counting, Nick will be here in 9 hours! WHEEEEE!

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