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Day 11’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 29, 2010

Elaelia is currently questing through the oh-so charming area of Duskwood, where all the things that go bump in the night reside. At first I thought killing skeletons and zombies was kind of fun…and l I ran into a fetid corpse (good use of vocab Blizzrd!) and that made me imagine what it would be like if I were actually killing skeletons and zombies.

And it would straight up reek. *shudders*

I became so disgusted with the thought of the smell of a fetid corpse that I crossed over into the Elwynn Forest (love love love!!!) and found some happier things to look at. After the jump, check out my most notable in-game moments from yesterday. It’s a pretty good mix of creepy and happy.

1. Hey! I recognize that skelly…
This is straight out of Pirates of the Carribean 2 right?!

2. Giant tree stump.
You are giant.

3. Hello there big angry doggie.
Of course, I find you when I’m playing as Elaelia. Why can’t Rowynne find a nice, rabid puppy to tame?!

Please tell me there is a quest where I get to eat these!

5. Wait a second…
Is Elaelia…hella-tall?! How come I’m JUST NOW noticing this?! THAT’S AWESOME.

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