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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 11

July 29, 2010

After dealing with horrible people at a modeling convention for hours on end and coming home to only go to bed (I, honest to God, went to bed at 8:45 Monday night) I FINALLY got to play WoW yesterday for the first time since….Sunday.

I was actually surprised at how much I missed playing it and how nice it felt to beat the shit out of beasties with Elaelia’s giant hammer. Until they ganged up on me and killed me. I didn’t like that part at all.

But! What I ultimately learned is that WoW is a great stress reliever for those days when you’re annoyed by the people employing you because they don’t really treat you like a person and by those people you are supposed to interview because they also don’t really treat you like a person. (I’m a little disillusioned right now. Sorry.)

In other news…NICK WILL BE HERE IN 50 HOURS!!!!!!

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