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Bethany Plays WoW, Weekend Edition

July 26, 2010

This past weekend, I learned a valuable in-game lesson. Switching from character to character is hard work if your skill things at the bottom of the screen are all numbered differently. Par exemple: all of Elaelia’s attack stuff are numbers 3-8 while Rowynne’s are all 6-8. After playing as Rowynne (btw, did you meet her pet bear yet?) basically all week, this slight number difference proved detrimental for Elaelia a time or two.
On the flip side though, Elaelia seems to encounter weirder things than Rowynne, whose WoW life is so boring. But at least she has pets! (I know, I know. Elaelia has Calliope. But…the horse doesn’t attack things for her. However, she is very convenient transportation.) After the jump, check out the things I found over the weekend that I think are of note. Happy Monday everyone!

1. Abercrombie the Hermit?
Dear Blizzard,
This is a fantastic joke. I want to know if it’s intentional. Let me know in comments.

2. I spy…
A BIG MOUTH BASS!!! It is both sacrilege and a missed opportunity that it doesn’t sing. Maybe it sings when you’re drunk?…

3. Bethany & The Case of the Shadowy Figure
No one told me there are mystery quests!! I have clues and everything! I don’t know if y’all know this, but I am basically Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars, and Velma rolled into one person.  This is gonna be the greatest quest ever!!!!

4. More spiders.
Why are there more spiders?!

5. Why hello there scarecrow!
Please don’t attack me…

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