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Day 10’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 23, 2010

Just when I think it’s impossible for me to be surprised by the game, it proves me wrong. In this case, I love being proved wrong. Let’s be honest, what is better than being either pleasantly surprised or totally creeped out? (Well. A lot of things. Like the free strawberries I received from Fresh Direct yesterday. And my new curtains. And the fact that Nick will be here in eight days!!!!) Yeah, nothing. That’s what I thought. Check out the seven things that made me laugh or scream or cock my head to the right, after the jump.

1. Carpeted Bridge
I don’t really understand why this is here. But I like it.

2. Darnassus
This is basically my dream world.

3. Furblog with cleaver
How is it possible that there isn’t a campy horror movie about cleaver-wielding zombie bears? *LIGHTBULB. Begins writing screenplay*

4. Tigers for Sale
Soooo creepy! And lifeless! What is that about?

5. Halloween already?
Nick showed up to help me out in the angry bear den dressed as a pirate. He then turned me into a ghost lady.

6. Letter Opener? Really?
This is seriously the most white collar weapon ever. But hey. If it gets the job done, right?

7. Storytime–For Love Eternal Quest
As I’m reading this quest, I realize that the  “love eternal” is a lady. And I think to myself “Way to go World of Warcraft! Way to have gay characters in the game!” And then I actually looked at the person I was getting the quest from and realized it was a dude. I was disappointed…

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