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My Love/Hate Relationship with Rowynne

July 22, 2010

Alright, I’ve already told you guys about how much I love Rowynne (my Night Elft Hunter) because of her sassy, girly, bow-toting ways. But actually playing as her…I don’t love that so much.

First and foremost, she is crazy weak in short-range (?) combat. Using the bow, she’s great. Using anything else…OMG it’s so sad. She constantly dies, and then I get lost trying to read the map to find her poor dead body (I think Nick is gonna write a post about my lack of map reading skills…), and then once she has been revived, it doesn’t really matter because she just dies again. ESPECIALLY when there are (stupid ass) shaman bears involved.
I think part of this frustration is that I’m used to playing with my pally (I love love love the term pally, btw) and I’ve been spoiled by her auto-healing abilities. How I will never, ever take them for granted again. Ever.

On the bright side, I FINALLY have new pants!

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  1. July 22, 2010 10:13 pm

    I had the *same* problem with my first hunter (also a Night Elf) – I’d die, rez, die again and before ya know it my gear and weapon was complete broken and I had no money to repair!

    I’m thinking it might be something with the Night Elf lands and hunters that don’t work well – I was able to level a Dwarf up til like level 10 or so no problem, and my Blood Elf hunter (the one I actually leveled to max level) I had so much fun leveling her in the Blood Elf lands!

    It gets easier once you do the level 10 quest and get your pet, as your pet can “tank” the mobs you’re shooting (so long as you give your pet a second or 2 to get “aggro”) – then you can usually pew pew away without the mob immediately coming at ya =)

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