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Day 9’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 22, 2010

During my WoW-playing frenzy yesterday, I (as always) encountered some seemingly strange situations with both of my characters. I know they aren’t so strange to all of you World of Warcraft pros, but, humor me. Or don’t read this. Whichever.
1. Huntress weirdo
This one needs a bit of explanation. So I was trying to get a quest from this huntress chick, and as I run up to her, she turns around and starts attacking those angry bears with her henchmen! I was sooo confused! And wasn’t sure if I was supposed to help fight them? So I ran away.

2. Ooooh lit ref!!
Oh how I love a good literary reference! Also, I had the very awesome pleasure of seeing Al Pacino play Shylock in Shakespeare in the Park’s Merchant of Venice. If you’re in, or coming, to NYC before August, I suggest you try and get tickets to the show.

3. Rain?
I had no idea that there was weather in this game. Huh.

4. I’ve been marked
Well would ya look at that? Nick marked me. I don’t know if I should be offended or charmed. 😉

5. Game Tip
Alright, I never read the game tips. Ever. But for some reason, I did look at this one. And, let me tell you, it was life changing. I’m not sure if it’s big enough for y’all to read, but it says “Being polite while in a group with others will get you invited back!”
What an insight.

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