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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 8

July 21, 2010

Due to extensive, time consuming, Blizzard mandated server/realm maintenance, I wasn’t able to access Elaelia. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders, accepted it, and was going to find other things to do with my time until Nick insisted that we make new characters in a different realm. So we did. And now I have TWO WoW characters! I’m starting to feel all kinds of legit. Meet the new girl after the jump.

Everyone, meet Rowynne (pronounced Row-inn) my Night Elf Hunter.

Despite the fact that she has terrifyingly long eyebrows that are begging to be trimmed, creepy ears, and horrible clothing, I loooooove her. Not only can she use a bow (and crossbow!!) but she does somersaults when she jumps, body rolls when she dances, and sticks her hip out when she converses with others. Dig it.

Rowynne is definitely a sassy lady. And just might give Elaelia a run for her money as my main…


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