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A WoW Newbie (N00bie’s?) Reaction to The Guild

July 20, 2010

Okay, so maybe I watched things other than Jane Austen one-offs this weekend. While perusing Netflix for something to watch, I was reminded of The Guild. And because I do love Felicia Day (she’s a fellow red headed Southerner. We have to support each other.) and have been playing WoW since July 7th, I thought “What the hell?” and started watching.

**Disclaimer: I know right now that this is going to sound bitchy and that I will probably be berated in comments for my thoughts on this show. I have only watched a few episodes. And have only been playing WoW for a little bit. Just…keep that in mind. Thaaanks.**

Okay, my first reaction was pretty negative. Not because I think I’m better than the characters or whatever, but because they’re all so archetypical that none of them have surprising personalities or even traits that make them likable. And then when you find a likable trait, it’s undermined by their other not-so likable traits. Let’s take Clara (duh) for example.
She’s perky and upbeat and fun. Which is great. But coupled with the fact that she is the most neglectful, selfish wife and mother in the UNIVERSE, I just can’t bring myself to like her despite the fact that I want to. I want to scream at her. And this comes from a girl who doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body and finds the idea of birth and raising kids revolting.

Zabuu is terrifyingly creepy, Vork is annoying, Bladezz (why the two Z’s?) is a total douche bag, Tink is a total bitch, and Syd, God love her, needs someone to slap some self-confidence into her–the irony that she is a violinist is not lost on me and is perhaps my favorite thing about the show thus far.

After watching the first two seasons, and laughing on several occasions (specifically when Clara decided to keep killing Vork because of the whole orb ordeal), my question is this: is the show supposed to be ironic and I’m just not getting it? Discuss in comments.

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  1. July 20, 2010 2:07 pm

    I agree with you on all accounts! I was actually watching this the other week. I could only watch about 3 clip/episodes. The characters and “plot” make me wince instead of chuckle and I end up with this slightly pained look on my face at the end of the episode. I WANT it to be funny, I really do. Here’s what I thought after watching those 3 episodes- Clara is so disgusting to me. Not bc she’s morbidly obese- no, because she’s a horrible mother. While her neglected kids cry & scream for attention in poopy diapers she’s completely ignoring them. Stop popping them out, you selfish, baby-farm cow! Zabuu is not attractive (well none of them are- I guess that’s the point?) and he’s too creepy. Not funny or likeable at all. Just creepy. I understand that he’s supposed to be awkward, but it’s over the top and I can’t bring myself to like him at all. Bladezz is offensive and I want to slap his mother for raising such a disrespectful jerk. Tink is vaguely amusing since she’s always so angry despite her pink, fluffy, shiny-things decor. But her 2-dimensional “I’m a b*tch, so what” character profile gets old fast. Vork reminds me of the bossy grumpy old man gamer (aka the I’m-the-tank-with-a-controlling-inferiority-complex gamer) who gets his man-panties in a wad during PUGs because I have the nerve to be nice to people/use emotes (which, sorry, but I love emotes!). I can’t force myself to watch anymore, so I’ve gotta say, I’m completely in agreement on this one! Why couldn’t they make the characters more likeable?

  2. July 20, 2010 2:12 pm

    P.S. Just bc you play WoW doesn’t mean you have to like The Guild! I play WoW and I think The Guild- which is a show about maladjusted losers with serious drama of their own- just isn’t entertaining. There are plenty of “normal people” that play WoW and have lives outside of Azeroth & I’d like to think I’m one of them 😉

  3. July 20, 2010 7:03 pm

    You’re still leveling and haven’t had the chance to raid or join a hardcore raid guild yet so that’s probably why you don’t get it.

    It’s a tongue in cheek look at MMO gamers and addicts, as Felicia Day herself is a former addict (of WoW I believe). Those of us that have been playing for years, having done the high level raiding and grinding and been in the hardcore raid guilds can totally relate to this series as the stereotypes in the show are sadly true, you just probably haven’t come across them yet.

    Just like in real life, you’ll meet the parents that play and while they make it known they have kids, they’re CONSTANTLY on doing one thing or another – it really makes you wonder how much they’re really taking care of their kids. Volk’s character is VERY typical of raid leaders, minus the swearing (google “minus 50 dkp!” to hear a hardcore raid leader – you’d be surprised how many raid leaders are very military-like in calling out orders), there are some creeps like Zaboo, Bladezz represents the typical teenage population in WoW that thinks they’re so badass and when really you just want to bitchslap them upside the head and obviously they lack creativity because when the name they want for their character is taken then tend to just add on an extra letter (like the extra Z). There are tons of bitchy girls you might come across in game just like Tink.

  4. Gene permalink
    July 29, 2010 11:47 am

    I’m not an avid reader this blog, but I had to comment. The show is directed at the niche audience of “gamers”, who know the typical clichés of the people who play all kinds of games. Not just World of Warcraft, any MMO out there. That is what the characters of The Guild are supposed to represent, just magnified for comedic purposes.

    I completely see why you wouldn’t understand their eccentricities. It would be like a certain type of person looking into a different culture that they don’t understand and being judgemental of them because you just don’t know how their it works. Gaming is a culture, a style, a product of your hobbies. Give it time, keep an open mind and you’ll begin to understand if you desire to.

    I think I’ll become an avid reader, just to see how you enjoy/dislike your experiences with WoW.

  5. July 29, 2010 12:51 pm

    Ok, after writing about how I didn’t like The Guild’s first three episodes and having some friends Twitter at me “You have to watch the rest- it gets better!” I went back and watched more and I have to say, it’s hilarious in Season 2 & 3. I totally retract my previous statement. Zaboo doesn’t get any less-awkward but he sets himself up for alot of funny interactions with the other characters. Clara’s the drunken mean party girl and Zork’s the grumpy old gamer guy that takes things too seriously. There’s a hot asian guy who has a crush on Codex (my fav season) and Bladezz becomes much more likeable while he’s being played by Tink. And the outtakes- greatness! Try it again, I think the more you play WoW & the more episodes you watch- the more you’ll like it! 🙂 I sure did!

  6. Bob permalink
    September 5, 2010 6:20 pm

    I don’t game, and I think it’s hi——lar-ious. I’m surprised sorority girl’s world is so small that she has not come across people from different walks of life with anti-social personalities. You have never met any of these people in real life? Even if you were not a gammer? You think Clara is a bad mommy so you can’t find humor in the show? That’s what’s so funny, there a lot of bad mommies, which is why we have Snooki, The Situations, The Bad Girl’s club, and any of those other Reality shows. It’s why we have Paris Hilton and Lindsey.

    You’ve never had some insecure old guy say show you how cheap he can be, and be proud of the that fact, while barking know it all orders at you?

    This is not about race, but there are some very, very, serious chicks of Asian background, who put up with very little, rarely smile, who may also be brilliant, and have phDs or multiple medical degrees (in real life). I just like to read intelligent comments on shows I like, sometimes they are as funny as the show, but I may have to look else where for this one (sorry for the latent snark, that’s an archetype as well).


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