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I’m Alive. Promise!

July 19, 2010

Hey there.

So I’ve been in this sort of weird funk lately that made me want to do nothing but read, drink wine, watch movies based on Jane Austen novels, and cry about my lack of a social life and job. So I did those things all weekend instead of playing WoW.

The whole ordeal was absurd, because I have both a life AND a job. Two jobs actually.
“What?!,” you ask. And to that I answer, Yes I have a job. (I’m actually sitting in the office now…) I am now the in-house writer and online editor for a talent development company. I also freelance for a website on the side, and I always think that pays nothing until I get surprise paychecks in the mail. And then I do a happy dance in my kitchen.

Anyway, for the astute reader, you will think “But wasn’t this whole playing WoW thing supposed to fill the time while you job searched?” And to you I say, “Yes.”

But don’t fret. I’m not going to quit playing WoW nor will I quite the blog, despite the ridiculous emotional hiccough this weekend.

Truth is, I like playing WoW even though I still don’t think I quite understand the game. I’ve got a long way to go, and I like that. In fact I think I really like this game. Which has come as a bit of a surprise, actually.

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