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Drinking & WoWing

July 17, 2010

Last night while playing WoW with Nick (yes, on a Friday night.) I had my first in-game drinking experience. I find it completely hysterical that the game even has that kind of element to it and that they have taken it so far as to blur the screen, slur your speech, and makes you stumble around until you find a bed to lie in until you sober up. Or, you know, take off all your clothes and have a drunken dance party with your boyfriends’ in-game lesbian persona. Because apparently you can do that too. [Note: If anyone knows the name of the game developer who came up with that debauched nuance, I would be very interested in interviewing him/her.]

After the jump, check out the screenshots from Elaelia’s epic first night of drinking.

Hello there tavern!

Feeling a bit tipsy…I especially like the gibberish.

Oh geez.

This is obviously what happens when you get drunk. In-game, that is.


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