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Day 7’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 17, 2010

Because Day 7 was quite the overwhelming experience, there were many more notable moments than usual. But, if I do say so myself, they are fairly amusing. And do yourself a favor–be a creepy creeper and check out the chat between Nick and myself in each of the screenshots. We won’t feel violated. Promise.

As a University of Arkansas alum, this excited my heart. And if there is a quest in which I must slay them, I will decline it. WOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!!!!!!

2. Best Guild Name Ever: BBQ and Nascar
I really, really want to be in this guild simply because of the name. I know nothing about Nascar, but I enjoyed Talladega Nights, and I loooooove me some BBQ. Kansas City style of course.

3. Best Quest Ever!!!!
I haven’t actually received this one yet. Nick showed it to me because he knows me love for all things Monty Python (Also. He has NEVER seen Holy Grail. I have no idea why we’re together. Or how he functions in life without having seen it.) and all I can say is this. AWESOME.

4. Hello there Castle.
Sadly, I’m not referring to Nathan Fillion’s character. But still, this is sooo cool.

5. Oooooh.
Sparkly horse!! Yet another reason to want to be a part of BBQ and Nascar.

6. There are subways here?!
Seriously?! This is so much more complex than I could have ever imagined.

7. Swim (still unnamed) horsey, swim!
So. I don’t think this is realistic at all, but I’m glad that horsey can go underwater with me as I slay crocodiles, who, btw, hiss just like in real life. Creeeeepy.

8. Fromage?
Well whaddaya know. I can buy cheese here. Fantastic.

9. Oh good.
Of course there are raptors here. Why does that even surprise me?

10. Ugh.
Why are there slime monsters? Just. Why? And why are there various colors of them? Ugh.

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  1. Keegan Haanschoten permalink
    July 18, 2010 12:36 pm

    About #8… The Master of Cheese on the upper level of that building is actually a highly skilled assassin and a notorious “informant”. Just some fun trivia. =D

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