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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 7

July 17, 2010

An overwhelming amount of stuff happened during Day 7 (also known as yesterday) in our collective World of Warcraft. In fact, so much happened that I think I’m going to need to make like five posts about it so that y’all don’t have to read one big blog post and get bored.

I guess I’ll begin with the announcement that I am the hero and savior of the Draenei race. There was a dance party and everything.

Oh! So story time. As I’m walking out of the glowing cave thing where Exarch Admentius has dubbed me savior and champion and all things awesome, this dude challenges me to a duel! WHAT?! This is my effing dance party you little prick. I probably should have accepted the duel and then slaughtered him Aaron Burr -style (but without the fleeing to South Carolina part), but that seemed not so festive. So I declined.

After I danced with people for a bit, Nick (as my lesbian lover Esperanza) decided it was time for me to go explore a different area of Azeroth. So we took 3 boats to go to this other place, whose name I do not recall, and all this is where the overwhelming stuff starts.

This fantasy world is incredible! And absolutely gorgeous! And vast! I had no idea the game was so pretty. And vast. And packed with people–some of whom mercilessly kill me as I’m ogling a sparkly horse. Rude.–and their various and sundry mounts. (Speaking of which, I desperately want a Ram mount and a Mr. Wiggles the pig as a pet. How do I make this happen?) Basically for me, going to a city is the chance to ogle people’s mounts and pets and figure out which of them I want for my own. Since I’m apparently going to have a World of Warcraft zoo.

Anyway. I’m now at Level 22, I have respec-ed so that I don’t look like an idiot, and I’m on a different land mass that is freaking gorgeous. Yeehaw.

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  1. Silvr permalink
    July 22, 2010 12:54 pm

    Mr Wiggles is one of the pets you can get when Orphan Week comes around on the calendar. The quest giver is in Stormwind City ( starting place for Humans) at the Cathedral area there is an orphanage. Once you finish the quest line you can choose between Mr Wiggles ( my first choice) a Rat, think his name is Squeekers ( its been awhile) or a Turtle named Speedy ( was my second pick the next year) or a sum of gold. Hope you and Nick have a great time exploring and re-exploring WoW. I am coming back after a year hiatus.

    Happy Adventuring^^


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