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Things one can learn from a new WoW player

July 15, 2010

Little dance partySo as you know, your friend and mine, Bethany, has been adventuring in Azeroth for the past 5 days. She has had some difficulties, some freak-outs, and sometimes a little fun.  I have been extremely impressed with her interest, enthusiasm, and vigor for the game, therefore I said I would do a guest blog piece.  I myself have been playing WoW for 5 1/2 years, so to say that I have done just about everything in the game is an understatement.  Things like healing, specing, and rolling need on an upgrade are so second nature to me, it really made me appreciate some of the finer points of the game, while Bethany is experiencing it for the first time.

So here are some of the humorous things we veteran WoW players take for granted, that a new player really has no idea about.  Also keep in mind Bethany never played any video game before WoW, so a lot of those skills and situations we are used to having, she doesn’t have to rely on….

1.) Talent Trees: When Bethany leveled in the middle of Deadmines today, I decided to ask what she was going to put her next talent point in.  Bethany responded, I don’t have anything left to put my point in.  Being level 16, I knew this was obviously wrong.  When I inspected her talents, I found that she had one point in each of the top tiers, of EVERY spec.  I mean maybe Bethany found some new badass hybrid paladin spec, in which you utilize all 3 specs, who am I to say?  Needless to say I had a good laugh, and explained you can put multiple points in each talent, and then once you have 5 points in a tier, you can move further down.  I am still not sure if she understands…

2.) DPS rotation/Buffing: In an age of constant DPS meter linking, and gear score requirements, right now Bethany knows two things about DPSing: Make sure Seal of Righteousness is on, and then hit them with Judgement of Light.  She occasionally whips out the Hammer of Justice, but that’s only when she is feeling saucy.  It will be interesting to see how her rotation progresses as she gets more abilities and the next few levels.  As far as buffs go, she is still learning to look up in the corner to see when she needs to rebuff.  Being a paladin, it demands a lot of rebuffing, so for a new player worrying about a million things, worrying about buffs, much less what those buffs actually do for you, are a low priority it seems.

3.) Tanking/Healing/Dungeons: When the time came for Bethany to run Deadmines for the first time today, our healer ninja logged, and she had to step up and heal in her ret gear, and awesome hybrid spec.  I told her to heal, and she said okay.  As the tank, I pull the next group, I get one heal from Bethany, and then who do I see next to me dpsing as before, Bethany.  She did not know that she was supposed to stand in the back and just focus on healing everyone, and I am not sure why I assumed someone would just get that.

Also we are all use to using the random dungeon finder, and playing with strangers.  For Bethany, she had only played with me, so when we used it for Deadmines, she was freaking out.  She was so nervous about screwing up and letting the rest of the group down.  Yeah, I know.  Someone actually worrying about the good of a group, and not their individual dps numbers or how many mobs they can pull.  It was pretty refreshing to see someone care more about the good of the group, rather than their new upgrade dropping or getting their emblems as fast as possible.

4.) Emotes: I cannot stress how much fun it is to do a random emote like /roar, and have someone so excited, or impressed by it.  All those animations and sounds are new to her, so it is really fun for me to break one out and have her say “wow, how did you do that, can I do it?”

As we all wait for Cataclysm to be released, I really encourage you to invite a friend, or loved one to play WoW with you.  Not only has it made WoW feel refreshing to me again, but it really allows Bethany and I to spend time together while she’s in NYC and I’m in LA.  And really, if you can’t physically be with the person you love, what is more fun than slaughtering Mr. Edwin VanCleef together?

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  1. July 15, 2010 3:16 pm

    Trade Chat retweeted a link about this post =)

    Cute post!

    Like yourself, I too am a veteran WoWer (5 years this past May), but oh how I remember my early days 5 summers ago! My boyfriend at the time was in his upper 40s when I was just starting out as a little nooblet. He suggested I play a Pally as he figured it’d be the easiest class for a noob like myself to start out with since I could kill things but also heal myself. I too was Ret, but knew nothing about rotation until my higher levels, as he had told me to use my seal and then press my judgment and aside from my stun, bubble, consecrate, big heal/little heal and rez I didn’t know much else about my talents. He basically told me how to spend my points too so I didn’t learn much about the talent trees until later either. I was such a noob back then! If it was plate, I’d wear it. If it was a 2h weapon I could use, I used it! I didn’t pay much attention to the stats other than if they were better than mine or a blue over my green! My roommate asked me why I didn’t have a 1h and a shield – I asked her what for? She didn’t know, but thought all pallies needed them, lol… (she too was a nooblet back then, as we hit 60 that summer within 24hrs of each other despite her having a month on me)

    they have sooo many more things at the lower levels now! no fair! I remembered how happy I was to kill to a mage in Warsong Gulch with my Linken’s Boomerang, after they sheeped me and ran away as I had no other ranged move (ie: Hammer of Wrath I think it is). So lucky!

    Best of luck! WoW’s a lot of fun, especially if you play with your significant other!


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