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Day 6’s Most Notable In-Game Moments

July 15, 2010

Since I’ve already told you about my issues with the creepy crawlies, you don’t have to worry about hearing any more about that. Promise. Instead I’m going to share mostly positive thoughts since I think I’ve been a little bitchy on this here blog lately. And I think that’s because I’ve been a little frustrated with the job search. And I’m a little sick of being in my apartment. But since I have very few monies, I don’t want to leave the apartment and be tempted to spend my very few monies.

But I digress. After the jump, check out my thoughts on in-game sunsets, mountains, dragons, and statues.
1. Hello there sunshine
Soooo pretty.

2. What is with the mountains?
They are impossible to scale! I have horns and hooves, shouldn’t that give me some preternatural mountain goat abilities so that I can just run up the side of the mountain and get to what I need to get to? Okay. Breathe in. Think less-bitchy thoughts.

3. I recognize that statue…
Is it just me or does she look exactly like the mysterious and mesmerizing Minoan Snake Goddess?

4. BAMF.
That is all.

5. Little Flying Dragon Dudes
They’re so cute! But, alas, I must kill all things cute.

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