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Bethany Plays WoW, Day 6

July 15, 2010

Today’s WoW adventures have been quite the polemic for me. On the one hand, I’ve had a lot of fun playing today because I feel like I’m sort of getting the hang of using the built-in laptop mouse, pressing buttons to trigger spells and buffs (that’s right, I’m using the jargon!) and running at the same time. It’s not as fluid as I’d like it to be yet, meaning I abruptly stop and adjust while trying to target beasties and big bads, but nevertheless it’s been fun because I feel like I’m actually accomplishing things. And I was disguised as a Blood Elf spy and was sent on a reconnaissance mission. I felt like Sydney Bristow.

Also, I’ve recently received the Hand of Reckoning and it is AWESOME. It’s most def my favorite spell. You taunt your targets and then when they run toward you, you demolish them. It’s so sassy! The only thing that would make it sassier is if Elaelia, like, flashed some leg at them as well.

On the other hand, today was apparently the day that Bethany was to be freaked out by Blizzard’s use of insects and bugs.

There are some things that I am a stereotypical girl about (my lack of video game knowledge being a big one) but the female archetype that I completely typify is the one of the woman who is deathly afraid of bugs. And add marine life as well as anything that would be put in a herpetarium to that list as well. The weird part is that my fear of all things slithery and creepy-crawly has only intensified as I’ve gotten older, which is apparently no good for a game like this.

Not only did I have to kill a bunch of disgusting, speedy, tick looking things, but I had to go to Amberweb Pass, which, to my naive dismay, is filled with spider and webbed creatures.

Going into the Pass, I had no idea what I was getting into and a giant-ass spider leapt over a rock and start shooting poison at me. What is probably more interesting is that as soon as the spider came on screen, I (in real life) screamed out loud, ran away from my computer, and shut my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at it.

That was quite unfortunate for poor Elaelia because of the whole dying thing, but what was worse was that I had to sit there and kill those giant spiders to complete the quest! I will most probably have terrible horrible waking nightmares about spiders eating me. [Update: I did not have dreams about spiders. Instead, I dreamed that Robert Downey Jr. (whom I affectionately refer to as RDJ) offered me ecstasy. I have no explanation.]

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