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Introducing: Guest Blogger Nick

July 14, 2010

Alright. You guys have heard only my side of things when it comes to my WoW-playing abilities. And to be honest, it’s not fair for you to only be exposed to my perspective, despite the fact that it is my blog. The reporter-side of myself (aka Reporter Bethie) hates the bias that Blogger Bethie has subjected you to thus far and  just can’t take it anymore.

So I’ve invited Nick to guest blog.

He’s a long-time WoW player and, despite the fact that he is the bf, will be honest in evaluating my in-game performance and will shed some (Reporter Bethie says: much needed) light on some of the ridiculous/stupid/silly stuff that I unknowingly do while playing.

He’s currently at the gym, but has promised me that he will blog tonight. So be on the look out for his post. Or make it easy on yourself and follow me on Twitter (@wowsororitygirl) for all the latest blog updates.

We’ll see if he comes through on that deadline. If not, Editor Bethie will be angry and will lay the smack down Miranda Priestly-style. Feel free to give me punishment ideas for missing a deadline in comments.

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